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The Fanatic Ray – the go-fast board for every sailor, using the exact same design as our race-ready PWA Slalom shapes. The Ray is a board built for speed and fun that any intermediate windsurfer can access – and available at a price any sailor can afford.

Echoing the changes made in our Falcon lineup, the Ray 2014 has been updated to offer even more looseness in turns, jibing power, and accessible acceleration – while still maintaining blistering top speeds. The increase in jibing ability comes from softened rails in the front of the board; while tail cut-outs that have been increased in size and tuned-in shape help increase control while planing. The already-proven scoop rocker line has been left untouched, while the adjusted V shape in the nose and tuned-up tail release offer a better ride than ever. Fast, but friendly – that’s the ride you’ll get with the Fanatic Ray.

Key Features
- Mast base recessed for more control
- Adjusted and added tail cut-outs on each size
- Straightened tail outlines between the straps for more comfort and better control
- Drawn-in pintails for low friction/drag and easy jibing and carving
- Comfort heel rail – adjusted rail under the back foot combined with slightly more tucked-under edge increased comfort, control and smooth carving/jibing
- Thin soft rails on the front section, and increased V towards the nose for cutting through chop and better jibing
- Shallow double concaves – balanced for maneuvers and cutting through chop
- Compact Design Concept (CDC)
- Tuttle Box for big-fin ability
- Proven super fast scoop rocker line with shorter flat section and higher entry
- Release kick – slight tail kick for endless release – and no speed limits
- Reduced V in the tail area for a neutral board trim









Recommended Boardcover

Ray 100

100 l

63 cm

235 cm

6,50 kg

Biax Glass Sandwich Light Finish

Ray Choco Fins 36 cm G10; Medium Tuttle Box;
Sailsize: 5.5 – 8.2 m²

S/M: 245 cm ×
66.5 cm

Ray 110

110 l

69 cm

235 cm

6,95 kg

Biax Glass Sandwich Light Finish

Ray Choco Fins 40 cm G10; Medium Tuttle Box;
Sailsize: 6.0 – 8.6 m²

M: 245 cm ×
73 cm

Ray 120

120 l

74 cm

235 cm

7,70 kg

Biax Glass Sandwich Light Finish

Ray Choco Fins 44 cm G10; Medium Tuttle Box;
Sailsize: 6.5 – 9.2 m²

L: 250 cm ×
78 cm

*Weight tolerances of ± 6% (HRS ± 8%) possible.



A specific combination of top quality Biax Glass fabrics combined with PVC and Wood layers on the deck and bottom provides optimised durability for the standard Skates and the Ray models. The light finish helps to reach an excellent weight-to-price ratio.