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Adrian Beholz
Adrian Beholz

Birthday: 04.01.1990
Country: Germany
Favourite discipline: Freestyle
Best results:
- 3rd European Freestyle Tour 2013 Overall
- 5th European Freestyle Expression 2013 Six Fours Les Plages
- 14th PWA Men's Freestyle Overall 2013
- 13th PWA Sylt Men's Freestyle 2013
- 7th PWA DAM7 Netherlands Men's Freestyle 2013
- 9th PWA Freestyle Podersdorf 2013
- 25th PWA Freestyle Fuerteventura 2012
- 3rd EFPT Overall 2012
- 4th EFPT Six Fours Le Plages 2012
- 3rd EFPT Sigri 3Style Area Cup 2012
- 17th PWA Podersdorf 2012
- 2nd GFB 1.0 2012
- 5th EFPT Lefkada 2011
- 3rd EFPT Leucate 2010
- 1st GFB 1.0/3.0 2010
Favourite spot: Brazil and Bonaire
Favourite Fanatic board: Skate 99 TE
Favourite manoeuvre: No Handed Burner
How I started Windsurfing: When I was 7 years. My mum told me as soon as I can can read and write she would pay me windsurfing lessons. So I learned to write and to read quite earlyJ
Best windsurfing day in my life: The first day I was planing, of course.

Other sponsors besides Fanatic: Sailloft/Maui Ultra Fins/ASPC
My Goals: To make my live with windsurfing, to stay with it for my whole live and to become a happy old man with it and everything around.
My Slogan: Being is colorful and so marvelous!
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