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Laure Treboux
Laure Treboux

Birthday: 22.04.83
Country: Switzerland
Favourite discipline: Freestyle and Waves

Best results:
- 2nd Lancelin Ocean Classic 2013
- 3rd PWA Wave Sylt 2012
- 4th PWA Wave Tenerife 2012
- 2nd PWA Freestyle World Cup Fuerte 2012
- 5th PWA Wave World Cup Pozo 2012
- PWA Freestyle Vice Champ 2011
- 2nd overall freestyle 2011
- 2nd PWA Freestyle Fuerteventura 2011
- 5th PWA Freestyle Tenerife 2011
- 2nd PWA Freestyle Aruba 2011
- 2nd PWA Freestyle Bonaire 2011
- 7th PWA Waves Pozo 2011
- 3rd PWA Freestyle Overall 2010
- 3rd PWA Freestyle Lanzarote 2010
- 1st Waves, Lancelin Ocean Classic 2010
- 1st Waves, Lancelin Ocean Classic 2009
- 7th PWA Freestyle Overall 2009
- 4th PWA Freestyle Lanzarote 2009
- 3rd PWA Freestyle Overall 2008
- 9th PWA Wave Sylt 2008
- 3rd PWA Freestyle Fuerte 2008
- 4th PWA Freestyle Pozo 2008
- 2nd PWA Freestyle Lanzarote 2008
- 3rd Overall PWA Freestyle 2007
- 3rd Overall PWA Freestyle 2006
- 2nd IFCA Freestyle World Championships 2005

Favourite spot: Western Australia

Favourite Fanatic board: TriWave 72 & Skate TE 89

Favourite manoeuvre: Waves: Aerials, Freestyle: Double Flaka

How I started Windsurfing: Boardsports have always been a passion. One day I saw some windsurfers flying on a really windy day on the lake where I live and just decided I wanted to do the same! "Surf Shop Préverenges" - the shop and school at my local spot, which is still one of my sponsors- had a club for kids who wanted to windsurf. They helped me a lot and I met all my best mates there which made me spend as much time as I could on the lake!

Best windsurfing day in my life: Gnaraloo, cross off, logo high down the line waves with my mates could be one of them. But there are so many other times I come out of the water thinking "wow, that was my best session ever"!

Other sponsors besides Fanatic: Severne, ION, Choco Fins, SISA

My goals: Keep on improving in both freestyle and waves and enjoy every day on the water.

My slogan: Do it with style!



1. Welcome back to Fanatic! Why did you decide to join the Fanatic
Team again?
Fanatic simply makes awesome boards, has a great image and a young
dynamic team. I'm really proud to be part of it!

2. Looks like its getting more and more girls in the Fanatic team,
what do you think about being in the same team like Nayra Alonso
& Yoli De Brendt?

I'm very happy to be part of the same team as Yoli and Nayra, both of
them sail really well. It's great that a brand like Fanatic has a few girls
in their team, it helps promote our sport to a larger public and shows
how everyone can do it, not only big strong guys!

3. Did you get a chance to try any of our boards yet, if yes which
ones and what do you think?

Yes I did, I'm in Australia at the moment riding on the NewWave 69 mostly and on the Skate 97 when it's flat or less windy. I love both of them, they're really comfortable and I feel like they will help me improve a lot.

4. How are your plans? What kind of events are you doing in 2008? I will do the whole PWA Freestyle Tour and some of the PWA Wave events as well. There are a couple of wave contests here in Western Australia that I wanna do too.

5. Do you plan any special trainings – mental or physical?
I'm sailing as much as I can in both freestyle and wave as those two discipline complement each other. Besides windsurfing full on I'm surfing and doing yoga.
I also make sure I'm prepared mentally to compete on the PWA World Tour.

6. What are your plans until the season starts?
I'm in Western Australia training with Simon, I'll then go to Maui for the photo shoot and some starboard tack fun. I also plan to do a couple of clinics in spring as coaching is an important side of my windsurfing career.

Fanatic 01/08