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Birthday: 07.07.88
Country: England
Favourite discipline: Freestyle

Best results:
- 5th European Freestyle Tour 2013 Overall
- 9th European Freestyle Expression 2013 Six Fours Les Plages
- 15th PWA Men's Freestyle Overall 2013
- 13th PWA Sylt Men's Freestyle 2013
- 9th PWA DAM7 Netherlands Men's Freestyle 2013
- 13th PWA Freestyle Podersdorf 2013
- 13th PWA Freestyle Sylt, Germany 2012
- 17th PWA Freestyle Fuerteventura 2012
- 17th PWA Freestyle Podersdorf 2012
- 1st at UKWA Poole Windfest Event 2011
- 9th PWA Podersdorf/Austria 2011
- 15th PWA Vietnam 2011
- 11th PWA Fuerteventura, 2010
- UK Vice Champion, 2010
Favourite spot: Vassiliki, Greece

Favourite Fanatic board: Skate TE 85

Favourite manoeuvre: Shaka

How I started Windsurfing: My dad started back when they had wooden booms and he got me into it when I was thirteen at our local beach.

Best windsurfing day in my life: A day in Icaraizinho, Brazil we had amazing conditions all day and it was just me and a few good friends with no one else on the water.

Other sponsors besides Fanatic: North Sails, Ion, Club Vass

My Goals: To do the best I can and have an awesome time doing it.

My Slogan: Go faster!