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Victor Fernandez
Victor Fernandez

Birthday: 25.04.1984
Country: Spain
Favourite discipline: Waves

Best results:
- 3rd PWA Wave Men Overall 2013
- 5th KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup - Men’s Wave 2013
- 2nd PWA Wave World Cup Pozo Super Session 2013
- PWA Vice Wave World Champ 2012
- 3rd PWA Wave World Cup Sylt 2012
- 3rd PWA Wave World Cup Denmark 2012
- 3rd PWA Wave World Cup Tenerife 2012
- 2nd PWA Wave World Cup Pozo 2012
- 4th PWA Wave Overall 2011
- 3rd PWA Wave Klitmoeller 2011
- 9th PWA Tenerife 2011
- 2nd PWA Wave Pozo 2011
- Nominated for Laureus Sport Awards
- PWA Wave World Champ 2010!!!
- 2nd PWA Wave Klitmoeller 2010
- 2nd Super Session PWA Klitmoeller 2010
- 1st Spanish Champs Tenerife 2010
- 1st Spanish Wave Champs Pozo 2010
- 1st PWA Wave Pozo 2010
- 6th PWA Wave Overall 2009
- 9th PWA Wave Sylt 2009
- "Best Team" Reunion Wave Classic 2009
- Spanish Wave Champ 2009
- 2nd PWA Wave Pozo 2009
- PWA Vice World Champ 2008
- 1st PWA Wave Sylt 2008
- 1st PWA Wave Grand Slam Pozo 2008
- PWA Wave Vice World Champ 2007
- Winner PWA Jump Session Tiree 2007
- 4th PWA Ibiraquera/Brasil Wave 2007
- 1st PWA Wave Pozo 2007
- 1st PWA Wave Guincho 2007
- 2nd Windsurf Challenge Morocco 2007
- 3rd PWA Cabo Verde Boards Mag Supersession 2007
- 1st NSP Soulfile Klittmoeller 2006
- 1st PWA Grand Slam Pozo Wave 2006
- 3rd Place Dahkla Windsurfing Challenge 2006
- 1st Red Bull Topocalma Infernal Chile 2005
- 1st Place Air Madagascar Windsurf Challenge 2005
- Multiple Spanish Champion 2005
- 5th Place Overall Wave PWA 2005
- 1st Place Sylt Wave PWA 2005
- 10th PWA Freestyle Ranking Final 2005
- 1st Pwa Expression Session Costa Brava 2004
- 5th Pwa Costa Brava Super X 2004
- 10th Freestyle Pwa Fuerteventura 2004
- 5th Wave PWA Gran Canaria and 9th Freestyle 2004
- 6th PWA Wave Overall Ranking 2004
- 13th PWA Freestyle Overall Ranking 2004
- 12th PWA Super X Overall Ranking 2004
- 1st Freestyle Toro Andaluz 2002 (Spain)/
- 13st Wave Pozo Izquierdo PWA /
- 15st Freestyle PWA Pozo Izquierdo, Spanien 2002
- Spanish Wave Champion 2001
- 2nd in Freestyle Europe IFCA Production 1999
- 2nd in Wave World IFCA Production 1999

Favourite spot: Almeria/Spain
Favourite Fanatic board: Quad TE 82 & TriWave 88
Favourite maneuvre: Wave 360º and Double Forward

How I started windsurfing: My father taught me when I was 5 years old and it was big fun straight away.
Best windsurfing day in my life: The last best day I remember so far was last november in Chile with some friends.It was mast high wave,4.7m² and the longest wave I´ve ever windsufed in my life...

Other sponsors beside Fanatic: NorthSails, ION, MFC
My Goals: Same as every year, improve my level in all conditions getting new moves!
My Slogan: Improve my sailing as much as I can sail new spots around the world. So long - ride on...


By PWA, July 2010:

“I feel incredible right now, it hasn’t really sunk in yet, but I’m sure it will later. All of my friends on the beach told me when I came off the water that I’d won, but you can never be sure until it’s been announced. I tried to get my jumps in within the first few minutes, and then concentrate on my riding, but if the right ramp came along, I’d go for another jump, and it worked out really well. I landed a goita, and a backside 360 on the same wave, which I was really pleased with.

Over the next few weeks I’ve got a few more Spanish events in the Canaries, in fact one of them begins tomorrow! So, it’s a bit of a long week for me. Then I’m off to Tenerife for another Spanish contest. After that, I’m going to head home to recover, and recharge my batteries in time for Klitmoller.”

By Fanatic, October 2008:

1. How do you feel after this victory on Sylt?
I can´t feel better after this event on Sylt. Winning in such radical weather conditions has been really exciting for me and I also feel very stoked for my team mates Klaas and Jonas!!!

2. This is your 4th event out of in the last 2 seasons, quite a good summary? Yes, it is. After I´ve won 2 of 6 events in 2007 and 2 of 3 in 2008 is quite a good result for me and makes me feel more and more motivated for next year!

3. Which equipment did you use during the contest and what do you use normally?
I used my AllWave TE 92 in light winds and the Twinfin winner board from Pozo this year in the semifinal and final!

4. The cold weather on Sylt must have been tough, did it bother you a lot?
It has been the nastiest contest ever for me in terms of conditions but also exciting because the spectators on Sylt are amazing! Winning on Sylt has always been a dream for me and I just made it true!!!

5. What are your plans for the next weeks?
I go to the Fanatic dealer meeting in Tarifa for a few days and then back home. Chile is my next trip in November, I go there together with Klaas.

Big congrats to our PWA 2008 Wave Vice Champ!!!

By Philou, 2007: : How do you fell after your victory in Guincho ?
Victor Fernandez : I feel very good after the victory at Guincho because it was my 2nd victory in the PWA Wave Tour.

WJ : What is the most important for you, the final victory or beating some great riders, like Robby Swift, Jonas Ceballos, Marcilio Browne and Kauli Seadi ?
VF : For me the most important is the victory because I´ve been working hard for the last few years and now the results are coming.

WJ : In your opinion, what made the difference during your final against Kauli Seadi ?
VF : I had a good start, keeping my sailing more upwind at the beginning of the heat to make my first jumps. The wind was very light, I was on 5.6 and my big board. After my jumps I concentrated on waveriding until the end of the heat.

WJ : What equipment did you use during the 2 days of competition ?
VF : The first day in all my heats I used 5.3 and my 80 litres board. The second day 5.6 and my big 84 litres board.
  WJ : The battle for the title looks very interesting, what is your feeling about Pozo ?
VF : I´m going to Pozo 2 weeks before the competition for training there. I know that many riders are sailing very well this year, and Gran Canaria is always hard, so I’m going early to practice my port tack sailing, to try and stay ahead because the level is always going up. I like the conditions at Pozo.

WJ : Do you think that a world wave title is possible this year ?
VF : I think this year there is more chance for some riders because we have more competitions. Still Pozo, Sylt, Scotland and Maui to come, so right now it’s just the beginning of a long season. I will try to do my best as I try to do in every contest. Winning a wave world title is certainly one of my dreams.

© PWA / Brian McDowell/October ´06:

Victor Fernandez (E-42 Fanatic/Simmer) is one of the most respected young talents on the PWA wave sailing and freestyle scenes. The young Spaniard matched the massive expectation on him earlier this year, when he convincingly won in the waves at Pozo. Still in with a shout at the 2006 wave title, Victor was one of many who’s patience was tested at the recent waveless event in Sylt. Enjoying the Indian summer sunshine on the Island of Westerland, he talked to Brian from the PWA through his season so far.

‘My strategy for the 2006 season was similar to previous years, where I’ve travelled to as many different locations, and sailed in as wide a variety of conditions as possible to work on my all-round ability. With the tour we have this year that's important if you want to perform in anything from Ho’okipa or Guincho, to Pozo or Sylt. And, as the tour is so tough, my principal target for this season was to top the podium at at least one event.

I’m currently ranked 5th in the waves, and although its disappointing we didn’t compete in Sylt, its all still going to plan and heading in a good direction as we look forward to a final event, and the chance to climb the rankings. For sure I’d like to be in first position, but like I said it’s a hard circuit, as there are only so many events on the calendar that you can make an impression at. For example, I expected to do better in Guincho, where we only had 1 single elimination to post a score in. There I finished 9th which is not so bad, but if you’re competitive you always expect to do better, and to have more eliminations and chances to prove yourself in.

Since the last contest in Fuerteventura I’ve been at home in Almeria, and working with Sebastian Wenzel, our Fanatic shaper, at Guincho. Both these places gave me good starboard tack practice. Then I went to Klittmoller where we had port tack conditions, so I was lucky to get quality training in at all three locations. I had hoped to use this preparation to my advantage here in Sylt, where you have to be ready for any type of conditions.

Having a chance to win the world title is a great opportunity for me, but now it also really depends on the results of the other competitors as well as my own performance - and they are really good competitors! In my opinion I think Kevin, Angulo and Kauli are the hardest people to beat right now.

This year I didn’t enter Super-X events, as I was more focused on the waves and freestyle, plus also they are my favorite disciplines. I didn’t have any obligations to my sponsors to do Super X, as they’re mainly interested in me as a wave sailor, and are happy that I spend my time concentrating on that. I would enter Super-X again though if there were an overall title!

Some people have asked me if this fight to win the wave title has distracted me from freestyle? Well, even though Freestyle is over for 2006, I’d say that yes, for sure I was concentrating harder on the wave title this season, especially after Pozo. Also, Freestyle is becoming really hard, particularly if you don’t go to the best places to train with the top freestyle specialists. However, Freestyle helps me a lot because I spend more days on the water, and it’s really important in creating new moves for wavesailing.

Talking of which I am practicing a new maneuver! I hope that I can get it soon as I've only just tried it a couple of times... I’ll be sure to let you know first when I’ve cracked it!’

Gracias Victor y buena suerte.

By Philou `06:

How do you feel after this victory in Pozo?
I feel great, I´ve been trying and dreaming for this victory many years. Now that I got it is very special for me. It helps me to be even more motivated for the next events.

What was the most difficult heat during the single elimination?
I think the heat against Peter Volwater because I broke the fin at the beginning of the heat and then thanks to my caddy who brought me the equipment I had to sail almost perfect to advance in the next round. Also the heat with Kauli was really tight, he started sailing very good at the beginning and then I started to sail my best in the last 4 or 5 minutes of the heat. The level was incredibly high.

Isn’t it too difficult to stay on the beach during the double elimination and wait for a new opponent?
It´s a bit difficult when you have to wait too long at the beach. The double elimination takes very long to finish. But it is very important to do well in the single to make sure you have a good position at the end.

What did you do during this double elimination, did you train everyday or did you prefer to relax?
During the double elimination I prefer to relax, sometimes when they stopped the heats I went out to warm up and tried my equipment that day in case I have to go in the water. Normally I like to go a few minutes before every heat to know which sail I must choose.

Which equipment did you use during this event?
I was using sails between 3.8 and 4.4m². The sail I used more in the contest was the 4.1 and the NewWave 68. I had 4 gears rigged, sail/board together.

What is the difference for you between Guincho and Pozo event (why didn’t you win in Guincho?)
Conditions are different. I think that I can also do well in Guincho but we just made one single elimination the last day and I lost against Angulo in a very tight heat. I was quite happy with that heat but Angulo also was ripping so I did my best out there. I hope to do better next year.

Which riders impressed you the most during this event and why?
Many of them like Vidar Jensen with a 1 hand double forward, also Peter Volwater, Kauli Seadi, Kevin Pritchard and many more.

Do you think that the wave world title is possible for you?
I think is very difficult for this year but now the top 5 is very tight, so it all depends on what is going to happen on Sylt. The 4 riders in front of me are very good competitors and all of them know how to do well on Sylt. For me this is a good motivation and I will definitely try my best on Sylt.