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Name: Peter de Wit
R&D for Select Speed/Slalom fin's & Fanatic 2008/9/10/11/12/13/14
Sail Number: NED-161
Birthday: 05.01.1974
Country: Netherlands
Favourite discipline: GPS Speedsurfing, GPS Team Challence

Best results:
- Designing Falcons with Sebastian Wenzel, for example the 45,51,79 and the
89 but also the new 50 and Lüderitz shapes (ideas on: deck forms recess, wedge pads 2013 and bottom design, outline)

- 2007 up to 2013 GPS Dutch Speed Champion
- 2006 up to 2013 Dutch Ultimate Speed Meeting Winner Overall

- 1st 2013 NK SPEED (national speed champ.) (speed 80,05)
- 1st 2013 USM Overall Netherlands (Falcon 50 speed)
- (2012 no GPS speed race, so no results)
- 1st 2011 NK Speed (national speed champ.) (Falcon 85 and 51)
- 1st 2010 NK Speed (national speed champ.) (Falcon 86)
- 1st 2010 USM Overall Netherlands (Falcon 86/85)
- 1st 2009 USM Overall Netherlands (Falcon Speed, Falcon 79)
- 1st 2008 USM Overall Netherlands (Falcon Speed)
- 1st 2008 NK Speed (National Speed Champ); (Falcon Speed)
- 1st 2007 USM overall Netherlands
- 1st 2007 NK Speed (National Speed Champ) 2007
- 1st 2006 USM Overall Netherlands (Falcon)
- 3rd 2005 USM Overall Netherlands (Falcon 90)
- 4th 2004 USM Overall Netherlands (JP)
- 5th in Belgian Speed Championship 2006 in International Fleet (500m) Gruissan

Favourite spot: The Balgzand and all it’s nice banks, this is a part of the Waddenzee just East of Den Helder (NL) it has the famous spots: The Brace, het Kuitje and Da Curve.

Favourite Fanatic boards: Falcon Speed 50 and the amazing Fanatic 79.

Favourite manoeuvre: Speed 500m on the fin.

How I started Windsurfing: This was on my dad's board when I was about 10 jears old, but I got hooked when I was about 17 and able to bring all the heavy surf stuff to the lake with my Puch moped.

Best windsurfing day in my life: Winning the 2013 USM/NK with Peter Volwater on my tail.

Other sponsors besides Fanatic: AVANTI, Select Fin's, Kater.NL, BASF, and MH special machines

My goals: Breaking all my personal records on break 90 km/h in 2sec, and stay on top in the USM and NK rankings getting those Falcon’s perform better and better every year.

My slogan: Have FUN!