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Tinho Dornellas
Tinho Dornellas

Name: Tinho Dornellas

Sail Number: US-2

Birthday: 5/5/?? (born in Africa, we never know when)

Country: USA

Favourite discipline: Course racing, Slalom, Wavesailing, Longboard

Best results:
- 1st Masters in Islamorada

Favourite spot: Kelly Park for racing and slalom, anywhere where there is clean water

Favourite Fanatic board: Falcon 90, FW 86, Falcon 125

Favourite manoeuvre: Escaping my office and going windsurfing.

How I started Windsurfing: In 1978 in Portugal, waiting for waves. Saw someone going out through the chop, then coming back in surfing. WOW surfing BOTH ways! I have to do that!

Best windsurfing day in my life: Last time I went out probably. But I remember one day I sailed with my 3 children. That was the best one.

Other sponsors besides Fanatic: Maui Sails, Da Kine, Calema Windsurfing, Hobie Sunglasses

My Goals: To establish a complete Instructor training and acreditation that exceeds National standards.

My Slogan: DO, don't talk. Only the best is acceptable.