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Fabled Aussie shaper, Bruce McKee is residing back in Sydney after more than 20 years in Europe. Teaming up with Fanatic to work on innovative Surfboard shapes and constructions, McKee is also an avid windsurfer and has shaped everything, from Catamarans, Waterskis, Longboards and Guns, not to mention every type of Shortboard. Bruce has supplied many shapers with his M4 Quattro Quad and M5 Multisystem concept systems and has also crafted boards for many of the world’s top Pro Surfers from the WCT and WQS Tours. It’s clear to see that his experience, knowledge and creative flare have made him a cut above the rest. McKee has also achieved great success with riders such as the iconic Andy Irons. He makes the perfect partner for Fanatic’s cutting edge Epoxy standards and we’re proud of the outcome from our collaboration.


McKee has been a Quad fin advocate since late 1981 and his Performance board, M5 Multisystem formula, is used by Kelly Slater, the world’s greatest surfer ever! Recently we’ve seen him win the ASP competition at Cloudbreak, Fiji as well as the Pipe Masters on boards with the McKee Quad fin Formula. We’ve also seen Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson and Ace Buchan dominating in heavy barrelling waves during recent ASP finals using the McKee system.


Three seasons ago, we introduced a Polyester board range with dimensions mimicking those of the EPS Bamboo collection. Polyester boards are used by the world’s best riders and are ideal for those who prefer traditional constructions with the crisp feel they provide when riding. We have used the best foam available for its weight and density, glassing them with both light weight and optimum strength in mind. The Performance Allround and Compact Waveboards include extra tail reinforcement for those riding heavily on the back foot. Whatever your preference of surf board style and construction, we know that you’ll be excited with this seasons 2015 range.