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Fanatic Shark fins
Posted by: Joe ()
Date: June 10, 2006 09:19PM

What fin range can I use with my 2006 Shark 145? Could I go down to a 42cm fin?

Re: Fanatic Shark fins
Posted by: hans ()
Date: June 11, 2006 04:10AM

Hi Joe,

I think a 42-er will be nice upgrade for stronger winds and smaller sails, even down to 38 cm may be possible depending on your weight and sailsize.

I have had a Fanatic E-ray 150 for 2 years, model '03. It's 4 years older than your Shark, but sizes are almost the same (73 wide). I have experimentated with a MFC Liquid 36 cm fin and a RX1 8.0 in very shallow waters (50 cm) and strong winds for the equipment (15-22 Kts). This worked great with good control and speed, but upwind was weaker. This was quite extreme due to the waterconditions, but it worked nicely.

With the Stingray130 which is 68 wide I have used a select Evo33 with RX1 6.4 and Evo35 iwith RX2 7.2 in strong winds (5 vs 6 Bft). I was amazed that the upwind performance remained very good with good angle and speed. With both sail I also tried 2 cm smaller but this didn't increase downwind speed anymore and upwind I had to take care for spinouts.

If your Shark reacts about the same on finsizes as the Stingray added with 2 cm finlength because the board is wider maybe even a 35-36 cm might fit with a 6.5 but this is just a brainstorm.

To my opinion 42 is no problem, down to 38 is possible. The 50 cm will work very well in the lower windrange with big sails (8.0 to 9.0). Maybe you can test fins from fellow surfers. That's a very cheap way!


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