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With our years of experience, extensive knowledge base and technical know-how, we’ve developed a setup guaranteed to get the next generation hooked on windsurfing; a sport they can grow passionate about and enjoy for years to come.

With 7 children between them – Fanatic Brand Manager Craig Gertenbach, Fanatic UK Agent Nik Baker, and Shaper Sebastian Wenzel – they have all drawn on past experiences and needs of their younger riders, in order to develop a successful concept. The result, a perfect board / rig package to pass on the passion to the up-and-coming windsurfers. The Ripper comes as a soft version of the popular Gecko 112 shape, providing the much sought after light wind planing abilities and stable platform. Offering up a variety of footstrap options and removable center fin, it not only reiterates the versatility of the Ripper, but also certifies that it is in fact a board any grom can grow and advance with. The shape guarantees top speeds perfect for the adventurous thrill seeker, as well as adults looking to exhibit their skills on the very same board.

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Ripper 112


112 l


73 cm


239 cm




Fanatic Ripper 30 cm; 39 cm / Power Box

Recommended Sailsize

< 8.0 m²

Article Number


Colour Codes

  • White

*Weight tolerances of ± 6% (HRS ± 8%) possible

  • Softdeck > No pain = gain!
  • Multiple footstrap options to adapt with junior’s level and size
  • Wide compact outline for early planing and easy manoeuvres
  • High performance scoop rocker line, ready for the next level
  • Flat deck transitioning into thinned out rails supports easy carving, and access for lighter riders
  • Removable center fin incl. box cover

High Resistance Skin (HRS)

High Resistance composite technology is a durable construction for everyday use. A thick, durable outer skin gives the hull maximum strength, as well as making it ding and impact resistant. Strategic use of fibre reinforcements ensure adequate stiffness. In combination with the user-friendly EVA deck, HRS can be seen on the standard Gecko, as well as the Viper /Ripper ranges.

Ripper Fin 1


30 cm (102) / 36 cm (120)

Ripper Fin 2


39 cm