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María Andrés

María Andrés

Date of Birth:



La Barrosa in South Spain


SUP Surf

Board Set-up:

7’11” Prowave LTD, and I love it!

Competition ranking you’re most proud of:

3rd Expo SUP Surf

Your favourite contest and why:

I haven’t been to many contests yet, but I really enjoyed the EXPO SUP in Cadiz. From the World Tour, the Abu Dhabi tour stop seems to be an awesome event as well!

Your favourite SUP adventure:

Every single session is awesome! Probably my best days were during this winter in South Spain, in Caños de Meca. I got to ride really nice along peeling waves to the left and right!! Like a dream!

Number one on your bucket list:

Regarding to SUP, what I would really love is to do a trip where I can sup every morning in clean and long waves, with not many people. As a windsurfer I am used to be in windy conditions - feeling the ride on glassy waters is always a great feeling! I would really like to go to one of those destinations where you can improve so quickly!

Soundtrack of your life:

1. When I was teenager, Lagwagon – “Making friends” was motivating me!
2. During my twenties, Pink Floyd – “High hopes” was my every morning song.
3. Now I really enjoy The Do – “Dust it off”

I love…


SUP for me is like…

...something that can make me stay on the water all day long till I can’t move anymore!

If you were a hotdog and you were starving, would you eat yourself?

But organic hotdog? haha

If you could be another person for a day, who would you be?

Kai Lenny!

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Best results

  • 2014

    1st Costa de la Luz Winter, SUP Surf, 2014


  • 2013

    3rd EXPO SUP, SUP Surf, 2013

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