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13. Jul 2017

2.500 Kilometers on a SUP for a good Cause

2.500 Kilometers on a SUP for a good Cause

Pascal Rösler, a businessman from Munich will paddle from Munich to the mouth of the Danube into the Black Sea. 2.500 kilometers alone on the river – four main citys on the route – ten countries to cross – about two months on the road. The start will take place on July 20th in Munich.

Pascal´s efforts are characterized by a good cause: The protection of water and rivers. He has founded the non-profit organization Pure Water for Generations e.V. Pascal: “We have set ourselves the goal of supporting national and international renaturation projects on rivers as well as promoting educational projects on water,” explains Pascal. “With this commitment to nature, I simply follow my heart – the water and the nature are mine and our origin.”

We are really impressed with the great energy Pascal is making for the maintenance of clean water. Working with so much personal commitment to a good and important cause is absolutely exemplary. That is why we did not hesitate when he asked us for support this projects with Fanatic SUPs. For our company as well, preserving the environment is a very important issue. We find Pascal´s commitment  outstanding and therefore we are very happy to be part of it. Clean water and intact rivers are a question of survival for all people in this world.

All pics by Wilfried Feder

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