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19. Feb 2017

Å Skjelve – A SUP Winter Adventure

Å Skjelve – A SUP Winter Adventure

Fanatic riders Kai-Nicolas Steimer and Lena Albrecht went on a unique SUP trip: Norway in winter at around minus 21°C with three hours daylight per day. But they discovered really special landscapes and spots to explore with their SUPs. Their journey took them along the coast and ended at the largest glacier of Europe, the Jostedalsbreen. Altogether a breathtaking  adventure they will never forget!

We have already released a short trailer about this trip last year, which caused a stir in the social media. Now Maximilian Storalow also broadcasted a short documentary ‘Å Skjelve’.

Take your time, sit down and enjoy, we promise it´s worth it:

You can set the English subtitles under CC!


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