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03. Mar 2016

Airton & Gollito – Watermen in Arms

Airton & Gollito – Watermen in Arms

Airton Cozzolino and Gollito Estredo have lots in common. Both are multi-talented, both are skilled at a number of watersports, both are World Champions and both were escaping the poverty of their hometowns, by following their dreams of success. Gollito, the fisherman´s son from El Yaque, is the Freestyle legend, but is also ripping with his Kite and SUP gear. Kite Genius Airton Cozzolino from Cabo Verde rips the waves apart on his kiteboard, windsurfboard or SUP, at the highest possible level.

Born in two different places on the globe, Airton Cozzolino’s and Gollito Estredo’s life stories are remarkably similar. Both athletes show that with passion, hard work and commitment, that you can make a better future for yourself and your family. Both are representing our Boards & More brands Fanatic and North Kiteboarding as well as ION and NorthSails.

Watch them ripping on the water together – one spinning endlessly on his Skate Freestyle board, the other flying high in the sky throwing his strapless NKB Surfboard around and plenty of great wave action on top:



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