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29. Jun 2014

Angie Jackson & Jake Jensen win in Namur

Angie Jackson & Jake Jensen win in Namur

Fanatic’s International riders Angie Jackson & Jake Jensen finished where they started for their European race tour, ON TOP!

The city of Namur has hosted the Happy Summer SUP Race the past few years and it’s grown into one of the better races in Europe. The Happy Summer SUP Race must have jinxed itself with the choice of name, the weather was fairly miserable this weekend. Racing in rainy conditions, Jake managed the win against the Italian, Leo Nika, who drafted Jake the entire race. Starting strong, the pack ran up to the first buoy at blistering pace, aided by the 2knot current. Jake and Leo manged to get a break on the field as Geaton took too much on an inside line, pushing Paul Jackson and Zane Schweitzer too far outside. realising this mistake, Jake and Leo put on a sprint, opening a 50m gap that was never clawed back. Paul Jackon finished 5th.

In the girls, Angie once again has shown her dominance throughout Europe, earning her a 1st place victory! Well done to all!!!


1. Jake Jensen
2. Leo Nika
3. Zane Schweitzer
4. Geaton Sene
5. Paul Jackson
6. Chase Kosterlitz

1. Angela Van Hoof Jackson

Thanks to Matt Burgess from Homeally Photographics for pics & updates!