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23. Jun 2014

Angie Jackson scores 2nd @ Lost Mills Race

Angie Jackson scores 2nd @ Lost Mills Race

Last weekend The Lost Mills International SUP Race took place at German Brombachsee – perhaps the most competitive and elite race in all Europe. Fanatic’s Angela Jackson finished 2nd in the 200m Time Trial fighting a super tight battle against a strong Lina Augaitis. Not even 1sec separating them – amazing fast for girls at 200m! Angie also made it 2nd behind Lina Augaitis in the 18km Long Distance Race on Saturday. Congrats! In the men’s Beach Race on Friday Jake Jensen finished 5th, Kai-Nicolas Steimer 8th, Davide Ionico 12th and Paul Jackson 13th.

However the Long Distance Race on Saturday turned out rather disasterous for most of the world’s elite racers, due to an critical error. To the first portage, the lead was shared between Danny Ching and Fanatic´s Jake Jensen, however the leading pack took the wrong course taking a 400 metre detour before realising their mistake and scrambling to fix it. It sent Jake from 1st place to 40th:-( and in the end paddled back to 17th. Silvia Mecucci from Italy finished 6th and Paul Jackson came in 9th.

Jake after the race: “Well that race didn’t go as planned. Perfect first half of the race out in front until we turned the wrong buoy where I made a break and got a gap on the field to find out we had to go back and turn another buoy. I wont be making that mistake again….”

Our youngest rider Christian Andersen came all the way from Denmark to join the race and won the Kids’ Race on Thursday. On Friday he competed in his first ever Beach Race and did a great time there too!

Also Fanatic shaper Sebastian Wenzel came to watch the event and did some testing an RND with all the main rider on Sunday after the event.
So altogether great Fanatic team power there!

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