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05. Dec 2016

Arthur Arutkin finished 2nd @ the Nautic SUP Paris Crossing

Arthur Arutkin finished 2nd @ the Nautic SUP Paris Crossing

With 600 paddlers standing on the same start line, the Paris Crossing is the single biggest race in the world. The once-a-year opportunity to paddle on the river Seine past iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame Cathedral is just an amazing experience!

Despite the freezing temps (most paddlers wore full suits with beanies and gloves) it was a beautiful sunny Sunday in Paris, with blue skies and the stunning backdrop making this a truly incredible experience for everyone on the water.

Fanatic´s Arthur Arutkin finished 2nd at the Crossing and 1st at the Oxbow SUP Challenge – well done there. Also stunning performance from youn Tom Auber in 4th!

At the same time he was officially taken up into the Red Bull team – really happy for you Arthur!

Top 5 Paris SUP Crossing:
1. Bruno Hasulyo
2. Arthur Arutkin (Fanatic)
3. Martin Vitry
4. Tom Auber (Fanatic)
5. Paolo Marconi

More info & full results:

Pics: Red Bull/Teddy Morellec


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