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25. Sep 2014

Belar Diaz @ Tel Aviv Event and Haifa Clinic Israel

Belar Diaz @ Tel Aviv Event and Haifa Clinic Israel

Belar Diaz has visited our distributor Yamit in Israel to do a Paddle Clinic and join their SUP event in Tel Aviv. Here´s a small report on his little adeventure there:

“Israel has a growing SUP community that rivals many of the more traditional paddling countries. In my recent visit the growth has been evident as the Fanatic crew put on the Tel-Aviv Open SUP Race and they had over 220 people participated. Many people don’t realize how important amateur paddlers are for the growth of the sport, I was very impressed by seeing over 80 women in the all around category. With temperatures in the upper 30’s and a beautiful day in one of Tel-Aviv’s most famous beaches a lot of spectators also joined the action. In their third edition of this race the numbers have doubled every edition and there are even a few young Elite racers that are starting to come up through the ranks in some of the International races”

At 300 meters below sea level the Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth, the mineral and salt concentration make this sea unique and no living organisms can sustain life in it. It was very impressive to sea how much you would float on the water, making it virtually impossible to dive underwater. Also the high concentration of minerals made the water extremely clear which adds to the uniqueness of the place. There is so much salt on the water, that if you dip the paddle underwater as soon as you pull it out and it starts drying a layer of salt starts showing acting like natural grip for the paddle”

Thxs Belar & and also thxs to Niv and his team from Yamit in Israel for doing a great job there!

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