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30. Nov 2016

Charlie Head circumnavigated England and Wales by SUP

Charlie Head circumnavigated England and Wales by SUP

SUP Adventurer Charlie Head just circumnavigated England and Wales with his Fanatic Ray Air Touring for the first time ever! He will create a film documentary about the pursuit of happiness through adventure. Exploring the coast in a way that would test everything he ever learnt about his passions in life. Atransparent journey about his mental health, environmental connection and thriving on the sleeve of adversity. And he made it – yesterday he completed his journey in Lands end to London where he also started!

Charlie Head: “The first SUP circumnavigation of England & Wales is actually complete, arriving where I set off from, when I completed Lands end to London. Thank you for the love, support and Inspiring stories we’ve shared so far. Easterly winds are coming now and I’m quietly sliding away, much like how this journey began. More info about the trip will follow soon!”


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