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02. Mrz 2018

Behind The Design – Flow H9 Foil

Behind The Design – Flow H9 Foil

Our user-friendly and extremely durable entry level foil Flow H9 brings new and exciting sensations to the amazing sport of windsurfing! It’s accessible, easy to use and a whole lot of fun. We caught up with the developer Ken Winner about the design and R&D process.

What was your vision for the Foil  Flow H9?
We wanted to create an easy, low cost, durable and highly versatile wing for entry level windsurf foiling.

How was the R&D process?
Windsurf foiling is not so different from kite foiling which we already knew quite a lot about, but there are important differences that we came to understand throughout the design process. We knew that the Fin Box on a windsurfing board – the desired point of attachment of the Foil – would be quite far back, so the Fuselage and Wing would have to project the centre of lift of the Foil quite far forward.

When we started out, we thought the windsurf rront wing would have to be significantly larger than a kite front wing, but a quick test with the kite wing showed us that it was not the case. Of course we tried wings of all different sizes ranging from 600sqcm – 1900sqcm, but in the end we settled on a moderate size a little over 700sqcm for the H9.

The testing process for the Flow H9 was pretty straightforward following the usual formula of building, testing, sometimes even breaking Wings. I collaborated with Peter Slate on this project who I met back in 1984 during my first trip to Cape Town and hadn’t seen him much over the decades that followed. He’s a very accomplished windsurfer now living on Maui, so it was great getting to work with him.

There were some challenges along the way. We had an awesome prototype front wing but we then had troubles duplicating it in our CAD work and subsequent protos. It took a little time to dial in the exact shape we wanted for production, but we got there in the end.

What makes the Flow H9 stand apart from other Foils available on the market?
The H9 has great performance, superb durability and is incredibly good value for money.

Can you tell us about the winglets at the front and back?
The winglets give a lot of directional stability which windsurfers really need. The front winglets are also very important for reducing ventilation of the front wing when it comes close to the water surface.

Who will enjoy it?
Anyone interested in getting into windsurf foiling will find the H9 easy and fun to ride. Windsurf foiling is actually the easiest way to get into any kind of foiling (surf, downwind, kite), as the size and weight of the board make things, like crashes, happen slowly. That combined with the mast levering against the board makes getting injured by the Foil almost impossible. It’s smooth, safe and built to last.

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