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20. Aug 2018

Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge – Arthur Arutkin 2nd!

Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge – Arthur Arutkin 2nd!

Congrats to Arthur Arutkin for claiming 2nd in the „Hot Lap“ elite course race @ the Gorge Paddle Challenge, Tom Auber finished 10th and Dan Gavere got 2nd in the Open Class of his age class!

Titouan won the battle against Arthur and team mate Marcus Hansen after a crazy race where all but one paddler took their hot lap shortcut at the same time. Titou was the „pied pier“ as every single paddler (except Mo Freitas) followed the Frenchman around the shortcut section of the course at the end of the first lap. Mo eventually took his shortcut on the third lap and held on for fifth place overall, but Titou and Arthur were too good in the bumps and continued the incredible French-speaking domination this weekend (10 of the top 20 in yesterday’s Double Down were French, Tahitian or New Caledonian).

1st: Titouan Puyo (0:25:57)
2nd: Arthur Arutkin (0:26:06)
3rd: Marcus Hansen (0:26:39)
4th: Enzo Bennett (0:26:58)
5th: Mo Freitas (0:27:04)
6th: Martin Vitry (0:27:10)
7th: Clement Colmas (0:27:15)
8th: Ty Judson (0:27:22)
9th: Noic Garioud (0:27:46)
10th: Tom Auber (0:27:57)



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