21. November

GWA World Cup Season 2022 finishes with 1x Gold, 2x Silver, 1x Bronze

21. November

Out Now: New Falcon Foil 2023

17. Oktober

Paula Novotna Nails the Win in Tarifa and becomes GWA Freestyle World Champion!

7. Oktober

Nia Suardiaz is the new Youth Freestyle & Race World Champion 2022!

6. Oktober

Welcome - Finn & Jeffrey Spencer

4. Oktober

Fanatic Downwinder wins Product Award @ The Paddle Sports Show

22. September

Out Now: Downwinder, Sky SUP & Bee 2023

6. September

Behind the Brand: Sky TE Range 2023

6. September

Out Now: Sky TE Range 2023

25. August

Young Blood Wing Weekend

16. August

Out Now: New Aero Free WS Wings & Fuselage AL 3BS

31. Juli

Young Blood goes Wing Foiling!

19. Juli


18. Juli

Nia Suardiaz is the European Wing Foiling Race Champion, Paula Novotna in 2nd!

20. Juli

Get to know - Clement Roseyro

10. Juli

Paula Novotna and Nia Suardiaz again on the podium @ the GWA Wingfoil World Cup Lanzarote

7. Juli

Double Podium for the Mortefons @ the PWA Croatia

20. Juni

Podium Time @ the GWA Wingfoil World Cup Silvaplana

24. Mai

Out Now: New Aero Free Wings

2. Mai

GWA Wingfoil World Cup Leucate - Nia & Paula on the Podium!

4. April

Out Now: New Aero Lift & Carve Wings

3. März

Out Now: New Gecko Foil

28. März

Out Now: New Foilstyler & Stingray

11. Februar

Team Foiling: Meet the Annecy Foil Team

18. Januar

Out Now: New Carbon Foil Range

18. Januar

Behind the Brand: Carbon Foil R&D

21. November

Behind the Brand: Slalom & Foil R&D

25. November

Out Now: New Falcon Foil 2022

23. November

Out Now: Duotone Wing Academy

22. November

GWA Wingfoil World Cup Fortaleza - Paula & Wesley on the Podium!

16. November

Team Talk - Foil Position & Stance

11. November

Wing Foiling in Vienna with Stefan Spiessberger

3. November

Carro Wing Foil Classic - Tom Auber 1st & 2nd

2. November

Team Talk - Tuning Tips for Women/Kids

17. Oktober

Team Talk - Foot Strap Options

5. Oktober

Fanatic Bee wins Product Award & The Paddle Sports Show

4. Oktober

Team Talk - The Right Gear to get into Wing Foiling

22. September

New Sky Wing Range 2022 & Bee 8'2"

3. September

Arthur Arutkin - French Waterman

20. August

New Promo Wear Styles

18. August

Wing Foiling Weeks @ Duotone Pro Center Tenerife

16. August

GWA Wing Foiling Race European Championship

3. August

Team Fanatic dominates at German Champs

6. Juli

Out Now: New AL 3.0 Masts & Fuselages!

18. Juni

Team Foil Wing - Meet Stefan Spiessberger

10. Juni

Team Foil Wing - Meet Christian Andersen

14. Mai

Team Foil Wing - Meet Henning Nockel

10. Mai

Out Now: New Stingray & Stingray LTD!

6. Mai

Bobo Gallagher - Hawaiian Waterman

22. April

Virtual Clean Beach Days 2021

29. März

Team Foil Wing - Meet Olivia Jenkins

22. März

Out Now: Sky Wing Inflatable Wing Foiling Board!

8. März

Happy International Women´s Day!

5. März

Arthur Arutkin - The Quiet Strength

4. März

Team Wing Foiling - Meet Paula Novotna

1. Februar

Out Now: Gecko Foil/LTD

18. Januar

Out now: New Aero High Aspect Foil 2000

14. Januar

Clement Roseyro promoted to Team International

15. Dezember

Wing Foiling Highlights

14. Dezember

STEAMED by Annecy Foil Team

29. November

A Boy's Journey with Bobo Gallagher

2. Oktober

Save our Playgrounds

7. September

Out Now: Fanatic Foiling 2021

7. August

Mountain Wing Foiling with Max Matissek & Stefan Spiessberger

10. August

Hawaiian Channel Crossing with Bobo Gallagher

16. Juli

Interview Henning Nockel & Klaas Voget about Wing Foiling

16. März

Out Now: Sky Wing, Aero Surf Foils & Flow Foil Parts

16. März

What to Choose - The right board & foil for Wing Foiling

16. März

Interview Sky Solbach & Klaas Voget – Sky Wing/Aero High Aspect

1. Oktober

Fanatic Online Shop

25. Juli

Daniel Aeberli Interview - WS Foiling Programme

25. Juli

Sky Solbach Interview - Foiling

5. April

Out Now: Flow Windsurf Foil Range