Welcome to our International Team

Clement Roseyro

We are happy to announce that the French Waterman Clement Roseyro is now part of our International Fanatic Team for Stand Up Paddling, Foiling and Wing Foiling! Clement was part of Fanatic France already since a while and is a real talent. He does it all - Surfing, Big Wave Surfing, Foiling, Longboarding, Wing Foiling and Kiting. He comes from Anglet/France and grew up riding  big waves. For sure we will hear more about him in the future!



"I’m super happy to start a new adventure with the International Fanatic team, it’s a good brand with very good products and great image - the perfect combination for a pro rider carreer! I love the Sky Wing 5´0" for Wing Foiling, for Surf Foiling the Sky Surf 4´8" (comined with the Hight Aspect 1250) are my favourites. This upcoming season I would like realise a little movie on the Canary Islands with all the disciplines I love - Stand Up Paddling, Wing Foiling, Kiting, Foiling and Surfing. Otherwise I really hope that there will be any Foiling contests this year, so I can show my skills on the competition site. Right now I am practicing SUPsurfing and Surfing in barrels to be competitive in Tahiti."