To celebrate International Womens Day, we would like to take the chance to feature all our Fanatic Boardriding women for Windsurfing, Stand Up Paddling and now also Wing Foiling! Most of them dedicate their whole life and professional career to our sports and for sure their performances are worth as much as the ones from their male team colleagues. We also have some younger rippers, some up and coming talents – wacth them grow! A professional career in water sports is not just reserved for men – our female team rider are the best proof!

MEET Olivia Jenkins

What I love about Foiling/Wing Foiling? I love the versatility of the sport. I love doing downwinders on big ocean swell, riding in the waves, and attempting freestyle tricks. It’s also so new so it feels like there’s lots to explore in the sport!

Favourite board? Fanatic Sky Wing 4’8, Fanatic Sky Surf 4’8, And my Fanatic custom 4’6 from Sky Solbach

Since when are you Wing Foiling/Foiling? I think I began Wing Foiling a lot at the start of summer 2020. I can’t quite remember when I learnt how to Kite and Surf Foil, but it was many years ago!

Other watersports: I love lots of different water sports! I Kitesurf, Surf, Surf Foil, Free Dive and SUP. 

Competing in: I don’t really compete much. I mainly love to travel and create content from these trips! 

Biggest passion: Spending time in the ocean

Best results: I don’t really compete all that much – but I placed 1st in the Maui Kite Fest and 3rd in the Cape Hatteras Wave Classic (distance)

MEET Manuela Jungo

Since when are you Wing Foiling? I started Wing Foiling in Summer 2020

Biggest passion: Kitesurfing is my biggest passion, which I started in 2006 and introduced me to the lifestyle I am living since over 10 years.

Other watersports: All watersports with boards involved:-)

Best results: Nr. 5 of the world during 3 years in the discipline Freestyle in Kitesurfing (PKRA World Tour)

Anything else? Out on the water is my happy place. My mind is free on the water, I can feel my body by pushing it to the next level and allows me to recharge my batteries at the same time.

Favourite board: The Sky Wing 4’8’’ is my choice to Wing Foil now and I used the 5’4’’ Sky Wing when I first started.

What do love about Wing Foiling? 

Wing Foiling makes it possible for me to be even more often on the water then before. I am a mum of a one year old and we (Victor Fernandez, my partner and I) have to split up the time on the water. I can Wing Foil in very light/strong or gusty wind and I have fun and I love a new challenge.

Meet Collen Carroll

Since when are you Wing Foiling? Hard to say really! I’ve been enjoying SUPing for at least the last 10+ years.  As for Wing Foiling, I first started last summer so I’m still in my very first year.   

What do love about it? I love Wing Foiling because it is a totally new challenge and I look forward to spending days riding the river ‘swell’ that we get at my local spot.

Other watersports: Kiteboarding, Surfing, Stand Up Paddling, Wakeboarding
Biggest passion: Kiteboarding!

Favourite board: Sky Wing 5´0

Anything else? Thanks to fanatic for the constant support!

MEET Leysa Perotti

Since when are you Wing Foiling? Not that long, I nly started last summer but learned very fast!

What do love about it? I love the straight contact whit the ocean and also to be able to do something new!

Other watersports: Windsurfing, Longboard, Stand Up Paddling

Biggest passion: Waves

Best results:

3rd Wave Games La Torche 2020

1st GWA Superfoil Brazil Fortaleza 2020

Favourite board: Sky Wing 4´8”



Since when are you Wing Foiling? I started Wing Foiling in Union Island in the Grenadines at JT Pro Center during the first lockdown in April 2020. I started on SUP board. It was so big and easy to learn on. After Union I didn’t wing foil for a while until I got my own gear in October and progressed a bit more in Brazil. I felt in love with the sport there and went to Jericoacoara for 2 weeks just to practise Wing Foiling.

What do love about it? I love the freedom I have when I am wing foiling. I am flying above the water with the wing and when I see a nice wave I let the wing go and just surf the endless waves. Jumping is fun too.

Other watersports: Kiteboarding, Surfing, Stand Up Paddling

Biggest passion: Kiteboarding, but now Wing Foiling almost equally

Favourite board: Sky Wing 4´8


Meet Julia Castro

Wing Foiling (optional)? I started Wing Foiling last autumn – stil lering, but love it!

What do love about it?  I love the fact of it being a new challenge!

Other watersports: Kiteboarding, Wakeboarding, Surfing

Biggest passion: All sports!

Best results: Vice World Champion of the Kite Park League 2018 // 4x Spanish Wakeboard Champion

Favourite board: Sky Wing 5´0

Anything else: Check out Julia's IG @fuertejulia and her Youtube Channel with Kitesurfing Guides about Fuerteventura's spots: