Podium Time for the Girls

GWA World Cup Lanzarote

The third tour stop of the GWA World Cup with Surf-Freestyle as focus just took place on Lanzarote.  It was only a short break between the last event in Silvaplana where Paula was training hard and did her first backflip, which definitely has paid off now!


More info/full results:www.wingfoilworldtour.com/


Pics: Svetlana Romantsova

In the Surf-Freestyle Paula prevailed beating her team mate Nia Suardiaz in a close battle in which the lead swayed between the tow from start to finish. The seesaw rocked from one end to the next while the two of them were firing trick after trick!. Paula was scoring 23.5 and Nia 21.4, so it was once more a tight battle! This results keeps Paula in first place of the rankings with a bigger gap now!



1. Paula Novotna (Fanatic/Duotone)

2. Nia Suardiaz (Fanatic/Duotone)

3. Orane Ceriz

In the Surf-Slalom Nia was leading the pack and Paula finished 2nd. But this was only a fun race and won´t count in the ranking.



1. Nia Suardiaz (Fanatic/Duotone)

2. Paula Novotna (Fanatic/Duotone)

3. Mathilde Sandor

Nia also took the win in the Best Trick Session taking place at the end of the competition as another add on. She was going massive all afternoon showing all her portfolio - so well deserved!