Team Fanatic dominates

Foil Festival/Open German Wing Foiling Champs

On July 29th 2021, the Foil Festival and the German Wingfoiling Championships, simultaneously launched on the Baltic Sea resort of Schönberg. Over 10,000 guests were able to take part in the sporting competitions that occurred from July 29th through August 1st. Our team was rocking the show in all categories and we are super proud of all of them!


At the same time you could try out the latest Wing Foiling equipment directly on site and to make your first experiences with this new exciting sport. Attendees could demo boards, wings & foils as part of the “Testival” or just enjoy the competitions.


For more info/full results check:

German Freestyle Open:

1. Klaas Voget

2. Henning Nockel

3. Benjamin May

4. Linus Punder


German Open Race:

1. Klaas Voget

2. Linus Punder

3. Benjamin May

4. Henning Nockel


1. Klaas Voget

2. Tim Taudien

3. Sebastian Schach

Grand Masters:

1. Henning Nockel

Junior Freestyle:

1. Benjamin May

2. Leon Maethne


Junior Race:

1. Benjamin May

2. Leon Maethner

5. Hannes Gobisch

Kids Freestyle:

3. Peter Gobisch