Team Wing Foiling

Meet Henning Nockel

Team Wing Foiling: Meet Henning Nockel from Germany!


Henning is actually an old family member to Fanatic! He was part of the Boards & More team in his Windsurfing days, then been on the Fanatic Kiteboarding team and is also still riding Duotone Kite gear. He lives in Kiel and is a close friend of Fanatic´s Klaas Voget for a long time. The two of them love Wing Foiling to the max and also have a great creative eye and lots of ideas - the ideal combo. 


You can say that Henning is absolutely dedicated to Wing Foiling, it´s surely his number one passion now. Since he discovered this new sport, he can´t think of anything else and takes every possibility to be out on the water, no matter the temperatures.

Henning, you were already in the Fanatic Kite Team back in the days – how does it feels to be back on board?

Feels good to be back. I know most of the team for years!


Why Fanatic?

I always liked the gear, the approach of Fanaticas a brand and their philosophy to develop the best gear possible! The shapes of the boards, the speed of the foils the development and last but not least the team itself! 


Looks like you are pretty much hooked to Winging: -) What´s the difference to your other sports?

Wing Foiling is the perfect combination of a lot of sports that I love! It gives me so much opportunitys to create new styles and moves. Its like the Wing Ding created a whole new world for watersport enthusiasts!! I am so addicted!


What´s your favorite board/foil setup?

At the moment 5.0 75l and the 1250 or 1500 HA foil. The new wings are fast, and the foil needs to match the speed!


Which moves are you working on right now?

Oh, a lot of moves at the same time, still working on the backflip, and complicated backwind moves I don’t think there are names for it, there are so many ways to combine new maneuvers. I hope everybody keeps on pushing the sport….keep on playing!! 


Anything else?

I hope people don’t compare the Wing Ding too much to other sports. No matter what you do, its all about the fun you get doing it! Wing Foiling is not better or worse then other water sports! Just to us, its all that matters now!! 🤙🏻💯 Ahoi Henning!


More info: henning-nockel

Photo Credits: Wingfoilshots, Lauritz Kuntscher, Rodwald