Team Wing Foiling

Meet Stefan Spiessberger

Team Wing Foiling: Meet Stefan Spiessberger from Austria!


Stefan is one of the best kitesurfers in Austria and was competing in the Kiteboarding World Tour for 10 years. The beginning of his passion started at his home spot Lake Traunsee. That´s where he also started his new passion Wing Foiling last summer, when traveling was not possible anymore. Nowadays he opened his own center for Wing Foiling, Stand Up Paddling, Kiting and Windsurfing.



You originally come from Kiteboarding (and also Windsurfing) where you are quite successful. What prompted you to start Wing Foiling as well – another wind sport?

I have been competing on the Kiteboarding World Tour for the past 10 years. Kiting became such a important part in my life and I was and still am lucky enough to enjoy all the ups and downs that came with that. There was no other sport that came even close to Kiteboarding in terms of giving me the joy and where I was able to build up such passion and drive for progression. Until last summer - where traveling got impossible and I had to adapt to the Austrian conditions. Wing Foiling came exactly at the same time and for sure that has a lot to do that this new boom started off so quickly.


You seem to spend more time at home in Austria, Wing Foiling also works with less wind at your local spots. Corona Rescue?

When I first stepped on a Wing Foiling board it definitely was a kind of "light wind rescue“. But that changed pretty quickly! I couldn’t believe it myself at first, how hooked I got on Wing Foiling. I found myself having the best time on the water with friends on spots that I never thought of having a good session ever. And then there was the progression. Every time i went on the water, I learned something new. But the best thing about it was, that all my friends who where into Kiting or Windsurfing at some point, got into it as well. And we are still having the best time ever when we are out on the water, every day. It´s very excitig to learn new tricks and moves actually: -)


We saw you also opened an own center called “Lake Base” at Traunsee, how come?

Traunsee was and still is by far my favorite spot. But there was one thing missing all these years - a proper center with proper equipment. It felt like the right time now, and I got behind it! 😎 With Fanatic and Duotone as partners I had the best base.


What are your plans/goals for the upcoming season?

I am currently working on a few video projects but also planning on doing a few competitions this year, Wing Foiling and Kiting. But most importantly, enjoying every session that I can get. I really try to be on the water Wing Foiling whenever I can.


Favorite board/wing setup?

Sky Wing 5’0’’ with 1250 High Aspect Wing!


What kind of moves are you working on right now?

Different grabbed handle passes and 720s : -)


More info: stefan-spiessberger

Photo Credits: Max Brinnich, Toby Bromwich