Team Foiling

Meet The Annecy Foil Team

The Annecy Foil Team is composed of six athelets. All of them are dediced to Foiling and especially found their passion in Pump Foiling over beautiful Lake Annecy.

We have seen some very cool pics and video projects from them already, so it´s time to learn more about those French sportsmen.


Meet Victor Daviet, Steve Robert, Roy Hummel, Edgar Cheylus, Lalo Rambaud and Scott Cheminal!

At 31 years old, Victor Daviet is the dean of the crew. He started foiling a year and an half ago during the lockdown in France with his friend Steve. They started to learn foil pumping and they now surf foil, wakefoil and wing foil occasionally. Victor’s best memories on a foil are some of the team’s foggy sessions in the cold fall mornings. A crazy wakefoil session on the lake with rainbows is also in Victor’s mind.

Originally, Victor is a surfer. He surfed the coast of south west France for the last 10 years and in some exotic places like Nicaragua. Victor has been part of unofficial competition like the Rats cup in Biarritz. As a professional snowboarder, Victor’s favourite part about foiling is to carve with his foil to get that same feeling as riding fresh powder on his snowboard.

Two years younger, Steve Robert is the Team Manager of the Annecy Foil Team. He is a passionate Hydro Foiler and photographer. Steve started foiling back in 2019 and Wing Foiling in the last few months. His favourite conditions to ride are light wind for wing foiling or glassy water for wakefoiling and pumping. His favourite thing about Foiling is to be able to push himself and share incredible sessions with his friends.

Edgar Cheylus started foiling back in 2018 with Fanatic’s first foils made for pumping. Before that Edgar already was Kite Foiling. His favorite conditions are sunny, glassy days on the lake. And of course some waves if possible. Fluidity and smoothness for a unreal feelings. Edgar loves all watersports. He is a pure freerider. As a freeride skiing competitor, he focuses on ski competitions during winter only. Edgar started Surfing with his dad with only 3 years. He was already riding a Boogieboard before he could even walk. As an experienced Kiteboarder, Edgar often goes to Tarifa and surfs Hossegor every summer. When he is at home, he rides with the team and goes on adventures with his friends in Annecy.

Scott Cheminal is the younger member of the Annecy Foil Team. He started Hydro Foiling with Edgar back in 2018. He is a great Kiteboarder and the best Wing Foiler in the team. He has started Wing Foiling a year and an half ago on Lake Annecy. His favourite conditions to kite are 15 to 20 knots on a sunny day. He just loves that feeling of freedom. Scott doesn’t compete but he often goes on trips to Leucate or South West France when the conditions look promising.

Lalo Rambaud is the pioneer for Hydro Foiling on Lake Annecy. He started Foiling back in 2018 and mastered Foil Pumping before everyone else. He is a great Kitefoiler, Surf Foiler, and Wing Foiler. He always pushes the limits like he does on skis too. During the winter, Lalo competes in freeride skiing. When it’s windy on the lake, he is out riding his kite. In the summer he often spends time in Hossegor and Tarifa.

Latest addition to the team, Roy Hummel is 25 years old. He is a Surfer, Kiteboarder, Wakeboarder and Wind Foiler. He started Surfing at the age of 12 in Anglet and Windsurfing when he was 14. Roy also goes Kiteboarding with the other members of the team. He learned Surf Foiling really quickly and now rides with a foil under his board in most of the water sports he does. Like the other members of the team, he doesn’t compete but simply enjoys being out on the water with his friends. During winter Roy is a ski coach in Les Deux Alps. He loves to ski powder as its a similar feeling than riding on a foil, especially on the lake when it’s calm and foggy in fall.

Photo Credits: @steverobert1 and @annecyfoilteam