Henning Nockel


Baltic Sea, Kiel, Germany
Board Setup
Sky Wing 5.0


When and where did you start Wing Foiling? (…and how) Started before you were able to buy Wings in a Store (early 2019) pretty much in my backyard in Kiel, me and Klaas got the first Duotone Wings in Germany I guess!?….there is a little bay 200m away from my door and its like every other spot…just perfect!

What’s your watersports history – from which side did you enter Winging? (Windsurfing / Kiting / Surfing / Prone Foiling / SUP / Other) From all the sides above….I used to be a lets call it pro Windsurfer, a Skateboarder, a Surfer, a Kiteboarder from the very first Minute…so I like to play in the water you know!?

What do you love about Wing Foiling? It got everything that I am looking for in a sport! You can be fast, ride waves totally with freedom, you can Jump and learn a new trick everyday…most of all its incredible creative if you ask me. And the best Part…the Conditions can be poor….but still you feel like its the magic Spot of your dreams!! Love that!!

What’s your favourite conditions? I like if there is wave….but as I said, conditions are always great when you are Winging, Onshore, Offshore, Gusty, Strong, Stormy, Light or everything inbetween….I like when you can combine a wavered with some flatwater moves and add some Jumps!!

What’s your top advice for a beginner? Go out and play….simple like that!! Every Moment on the Water is way better then sitting inside. Its all about the miles you put in! Start with a bigger Board and go out when its a bit windier, it makes wingsurf life easier….

Boom or handles? (…and why) absolutely boom…..people ask me that 10 times a day, it just makes everything so much better, easier and intuitive. You don’t wanna start thinking about where to grab and where to find your handles after a move….it needs to be natural to just grab anywhere at your boom and go! Every second that you hesitate cause you don’t find your handles will cause you to loose the glide and stop the flight on your foil. Specially for beginners it is way easier to handle!!! Waves, jumping and freestyle its alsways boom, Amen!!

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