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14. Feb 2014

Moulay Wave Special – April 2014

Moulay Wave Special – April 2014

It’s on again. In April the popular Wave Camps with Tom Brendt will start. First up on the Windsurf Camp Tour 2014: the Wave Special in Moulay, one of the top spots down the Moroccan Atlantic coast.

From 25.04.–01.05.2014 there will only be one topic at the Magic Fun Fanatic Boarders Center Moulay: Waves and everything that comes with it.

No matter if you are a beginner looking to get into wavesailing or you’re already an advanced rider who wants to improve on jumping, getting more airtime and self-consciousness doing rotations, the Wavecamp will be the right thing for you.

Safely getting in and out of the wave and crossing the surf in the right way will as well be part of the camp as SUP and surf sessions on less windier days.

Living in Essaouira the daily training starts with a short transfer through Moroccan nature. The Café Resto will provide for food and delicious tea with a perfect view over the spot.

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