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11. Apr 2016

OFF SEASON Clips – Adam Lewis in Tenerife

OFF SEASON Clips – Adam Lewis in Tenerife

More OFF SEASON action, this time with Adam Lewis in Tenerife – great clip with lots of spray filmed by Lucy Campbell!

Adam Lewis:
„I spent most of the winter in the UK before heading to Maui in March, however I managed to sneak out to the Canaries for a month of training and sailing. It was so so busy in Tenerife this winter – chaos on the water! I ended up sailing a lot of the time on the lower tides because it felt safer with the rocks than with all the people:-) In the end I used footage from a few session that we had decent waves. It can be really fun when you get right up in that Cabezo bowl! It is like a skate park wave just enough punch to be fun, you still get a few trips up the reef when it goes wrong but its never too gnarly! Gotta say a big thanks to my girlfriend Lucy for filming too after the first few sessions getting sand blasted down by the bunker. I’m not sure she was having the best time ever but she stuck at it like a trooper haha.“

Watch here!

More clips to follow soon – stay tuned:-)


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