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17. Dez 2015

One Eye

One Eye

Watch Fanatic riders Klaas Voget and Victor Fernandez ripping in legendary One Eye on a day to remember!

Klaas Voget: „The main channel was closing our and we were not sure if a boat could even make it to the outside to shoot from. This session in One Eye will stick with me forever. Being so close to the huge barrels and coming in on one of these massive and fast moving lines is such an intense rush!“

John Carter (photographer): „At 2.30pm myself and Manu Grafenauer (movie producer) were in the boat both feeling kind of anxious at what we are about to let ourselves in for. Manu had even brought fins with him in case the boat would flip which was not exactly reassuring! The thrill of being out in those waves and watching those huge barrels charge down the reef was awesome.“

Some stunning action – watch now and be part of this spectacle of nature!


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