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01. Jul 2016

Product Launch Wave/Freestyle 2017

Product Launch Wave/Freestyle 2017

Our new 2017 Wave/Freestyleboards Stubby TE, Quad TE, TriWave TE, FreeWave TE/STB/TeXtreme® & Skate/TE are now online!

A winning reputation is always a good start to a well-rounded range, and our 2017 Wave line is no exception. All of our Wave and FreeWave models have weight saving, premium quality layups that represent the Fanatic brand as you’d expect.

New for 2017 is the FreeWave Stubby. Available in three sizes and two top quality constructions, it combines planing, control, and that skatey feel of the Stubby, along with the bump and jump characteristics of our world renowned FreeWave. The FreeWave line remains one of the most versatile rides out there. A classic performer available in five sizes and multiple constructions, it thrives when setup as a Thruster or a Single Fin. In short, both boards are dynamite!

Knowing that all good things come in small packages, we love the short and sweet outline of our Stubby range. Although its appearance might not scream ›wave riding machine!‹ it’s short nose and wide surface area make it incredibly efficient at getting on the plane, and maintaining power through flat sections of the wave. At home in smaller less vertical waves, we guarantee hours of slashy skatey fun.

For those driven by full rail carves, late turns and radical down-the-line wavesailing, then our Quad range will wet your appetite. Available in four sizes and with its magic rocker line, are you ready for the ride of your life? For riders wanting a more back footed ride, you’ll find tonnes of lift off the back fin, plenty of planing power and snappy turns with the TriWave, available in four sizes.

As the benchmark of Freestyle riding, the Skate TE is constantly feeding the hunger of ambitious windsurfers and is the weapon of choice for 6 times Freestyle World Champion Gollito Estredo. For 2017, the progressively finetuned shape channels Estredo’s ever evolving style through outstanding acceleration, speed and the exceptional ability for seamless transitions from aerial rotations into sliding tricks. The newly shaped TE 93 is more compact for even faster rotations and reduced swing weight. The Skate BXF construction of the 100 and 110 are better suited for those grasping carving moves, pop and playing in small waves, as it is more forgiving than the high performance TE. Exciting, on-trend and hot to pop, the Skate will blow you away!

Brand new for 2017 are our unique animated 3D views for each board! Move, twist, turn, enlarge and check out every small detail of your favourite board/construction before you eventually buy it – go to your favourite board and check it out!


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