Living the van life with the Girls on SUPs!

10 lakes in 10 days

Living the van life with the Girls on SUPs! This summer, Anja and Julia from Girls on SUPs were off to a special challenge - 10 lakes in 10 days! Read about it hereafter.


Okay, we live in central Europe. Weather changes quickly and summer doesn’t mean we only get sunshine. We knew that this was quite a risk for our challenge, but we really wanted to give it a try. We planned a route to 10 beautiful mountain lakes – and completely changed it the day we started, because it was raining cats and dogs. Everywhere!

So we picked the region with the least amount of rain and started at Lake Faaker See in Austria. The moment we arrived, it almost stopped raining. So we parked the Marco Polo campervan at the campside right by the lake, pumped up the boards and hopped right onto it for our first tour. The light was mystical and even though it started raining again after 30 minutes, we absolutely loved this lake.

The weather made us escape to Slovenia where we paddled Lake Bled in the pouring rain the next day. Although the weather was even worse here, we loved the little island with the church on top of it. Like straight out of a fairytale. But well, day 3 came, the rain got even worse and we didn’t really feel like paddling and filming in the pouring rain again. Was this the end of our challenge already? Not at all. We decided to take a break at a local sauna (back in Austria) and had a beautiful relaxed day. We knew we had to do two lakes on one day in ordner to succeed with our challenge, but we were full of energy and stayed optimistic.

At lake three the first sunrays hit us. Although it still was really cold, we were super happy and enjoyed our little tour on Lake Weissensee. It even got warmer at lake four, Lago di Braies in South Tyrol, Italy. This lake is a real Instagram star and we can totally understand why. The mountains of the Italian Dolomites looked stunning.

We were looking forward to lake number five – Lago di Sorapis. Our big exception. We left our boards behind and did a five hours hike to this surreal spot. The lake was still frozen and laid peacefully between those large mountains.

This was definitely a place to remember forever, but we already were looking forward to  lake number six. Luckily a friend of ours recommended beautiful Lago di Molveno to us. A wonderful lake with a massive waterfall was waiting for us.

Lake number seven was a tough one for us: Lago di Santa Giustina first ate Julia´s Gopro and then gave us a massive workout with strong headwind on our way back. But in between, this lake revealed it’s beauty by letting us paddle through a huge gorge and underneath cute and very cold waterfalls.

Lake number eight was another challenge as Lago di Vernago is a water reservoir and simply wasn’t there when we arrived. So we replanned our day and drove another 3 hours back to Austria to lake Fernsteinsee. Another wonderful place with incredibly cold and clear water. So here we were: pretty exhausted and we had one day left for another two lakes. Could we make it?

We got up really early and hit sunrise at lake number nine: Lake Blindsee in Austria. It lies next to Zugspitze and we knew we only had to drive another 30 minutes to reach our final SUP spot, so we could make it before thunderstorms arrived in the afternoon. And there was our final challenge: several roads were blocked and so we had to drive for another two hours to get there. This time the weather gods were with us and gave us sunshine and a wonderful tour a tour final lake. It was the lake that all of our followers always admire the most. A spot with the most beautiful water, amazing little islands and Germany’s highest mountain right next to it: Lake Eibsee! Our favourite lake and last stop - lake number 10. We really did it – our big adventure.

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