Fanatic Stand Up Paddling

New for 2020

Ray Air Premium 13'6"

Highly requested by our dealers and rental schools, we introduce a new larger 13'6" inflatable touring board. Its high volume is ideal for both bigger riders, and those looking to do longer tours with more baggage on board.


For even more convenience and faster set up – all of our Premium boards now feature Click Fins – to be fitted and removed in seconds, without tools, whilst still using the standard US Box system.  
The Rapid Air 9'6" comes with quad Click Fins to adapt the board for really shallow waters.


A new more compact version of the Fly Air Fit Platform, which is specifically designed to fit into smaller pools, and be more portable and easier to transport. Yet – despite its smaller size – it can still take up to 10 boards in total; making it ideal for fitness and yoga enthusiasts who may change locations frequently or are limited by space.


We developed the new 9'6" Rapid Air with R&D input from legendary white-water SUP paddler Dan Gavere. The outline was redefined, and combined with a special scoop rocker line featuring more nose and tail lift to effortlessly absorb waves and rapids. A full-size diamond deck pad offers better grip; while 4 × HD fins offer quick fitting and removal, and directional stability without catching. 


All sizes of our bestselling Fly Air and Ray Air lines are now available in our affordable Pure technology and the stiff, high quality Premium construction.




As Surf Foiling evolves, so too does the next generation of our dedicated foil surfboard. A more curved ‘surfier’ outline with increased rocker and a kick-tail make for easier take-offs and reduces drag in steeper waves; while bevelled rails and pulled-in nose with deep double concaves makes touch-downs more neutral and forgiving. The new 5'11" size is perfect for both prone surf beginners and advanced Wing Foilers.



The Sky SUP is (also) more performance orientated, and just like with the Sky Surf, it is now even easier to catch even the smallest waves or rolling swells. Higher rocker stops the nose from sticking and frees it up when paddling into steeper waves – as does the step-tail – which also maintains volume for paddling but reduces length for quicker release. All sizes are perfect for learning Wing Foiling. The 6'11" size 
is also available as a cross over SUP / WS mast track edition. All Sky SUP’s have optional footstrap inserts and are supplied with 2 footstraps.


Thicker overall volumes, a slightly more rolled deck and thinner rails – combined with a narrower straighter outline – helps stability while paddling, and also increases acceleration and hold on the wave. The single concave to vee bottom shape adds drive - especially when on the front foot – and a winger tail increases manoeuvrability; helping it feel more agile, sporty, and smaller underfoot.


One length, two widths fits into the classic 10'0" longboard style and official SUP longboard class. A new rockerline makes the Stylemaster ride much smoother and faster on the face, with a very smooth transition and gradual increase in turn-ability when stepping back. A flatter deck shape makes it better to stand on and more stable, and thanks to a new rail profile, it is more forgiving when nose-riding.


The Ray and Diamond Touring benefit from the development of our race boards, now featuring a narrower width combined with a highly efficient rocker line based on the Strike. More stable in the waterline with a slightly recessed deck, this shape tracks perfectly in both flat water and chop. One shape (12'6" × 28.5") is available in two construction options to suit all riders and budgets. 


The 2020 Blitz has been made even better for all-round conditions, by reducing the width without losing stability. Speed and acceleration are increased by a straighter outline in front of the rider, while a pointier nose and rounder bottom shape further help control in choppy conditions or during drafting. Meanwhile, a slightly wider tail gives increased stability during turns and while  stepping back during downwind runs.


Slightly narrower overall, the Falcon gets a straighter outline which increases top-speed on flat water. The rocker line has been altered to further help catch small waves and maintain higher speed gliding; while significant changes to the deck shape and volume distribution in the nose and tail, help to increase control and avoid catching or nose-diving during down-winders.