SUP Road Trip

Slovenia, Croatia and South Tyrol

Are you an explorer? Anja from Girls on SUPs introduces you to the perfect travel company: a campervan and SUP boards, rough rocky mountains, crystal clear and perfectblue waters, waterfalls and wonderful gorges! These were only some of the reasons for her boyfriend Christoph to plan a SUP road trip to South Tyrol (Italy), Slovenia and Croatia.

Anja reports excitedly about her trip:

We have never imagined it to be that mind-blowing! Within only 10 days we explored some of the most beautiful SUP spots we have ever seen. South Tyrol in Italy with it’s cute apple farms and nice little villages will steal your heart from day one. The lakes have simply everything you can imagine: icecold waterfalls, beautiful Italian mountain landscapes, dark gorges (that you can paddle for one kilometer) and rocky lime stone formations. It’s SUP wonderland! Even if we imagined it to be beautiful, South Tyrol exceeded all our expectations. We were travelling with a VW T6 Bulli with a pop-top roof to sleep in. We chose to take the Fanatic Falcon Air and  Fanatic Ray Air Premium for this trip. Well, expect the unexpected: Christoph broke his leg some weeks before we started, so he tried sit-down paddling this time with a double-bladed paddle. After we pumped up the boards for the first time, we just put them on the roof rack, so we could easily grab them when we found another wonderful SUP spot. After four exciting days we left South Tyrol and drove to Slovenia, which greeted us with beautiful small roads and a lot of green trees along ourway. Every single small bridge was decorated with flowers and the old villages seemed to be right out of a fairytale. After a short drive we arrived at our first Slovenian SUP spot: Most na Soči. The river Soča hast he most amazing shades of blue –no filter needed. From Most na Soči you can paddle along the calm river for quite a while and the landscape changes from Caribbean blue water and plant tendrils to a rocky steep and still very green riverside that makes you feel like you were the first person to explore this landscape. The next day, we drove to Ljubljana to SUP through the city, but unfortunately some heavy rain met us there and made us rethinkour travel route. I mean, how awesome is it, that youcan just avoidthe rain? Imagine having booked a hotel in a rainy spot–then the whole trip might be ruined! So we quickly escaped Slovenia and found another SUP paradise in Croatia: crystal clearwaters (but ouch –beware of the sea urchinsand wear shoes please!) in perfect shades of blue and green. Our first spot was Pula (you can start paddling right from the camping site) where we found a little grotto with jumpable cliffs around. After 2 days the rain caught us again –so we drove down to the island Krk, another jewel with a lot of little bays and funny rocks. The water again was so clear it reminds you of the Caribbean. You could see the sea cucumbers in 10 meters depth. And you wouldn’t complain about a huge portion of calamari and fries after your SUP tours, right? This was only a 10 days trip but they were full of adventures. For us this little trip showed that a campervan and SUPs are the perfect combination to spend a wonderful time exploring new landscapes and being super flexible in order to escape bad weather and find better conditions. Stay tuned for more road trips - more to come!

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