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Arrianne Aukes

Arrianne Aukes



Date of Birth:



Amstelmeer / NL


Freestyle, but also competing in Wave / Slalom

Board Setup:

Skate TE

About myself:

Both my parents are windsurfers and my first photo standing on a board was when I was two years old, holding my dad his leg. When I was eight I started with windsurfing, and every summer holiday I was on the water but I was doing lots of other sport as well like gymnastics, swimming, jiu jitsu and acrobatics. After high school I went studying in Amsterdam where I met other windsurfers and I had my first go in the waves. I decided to go on a windsurf trip and went for two months to Jericoacoara in Brazil. That is when I first saw freestyle, and I was hooked straight away. The combination of tricks and windsurfing in one was just amazing!
In 2010 I made my debut at the PWA freestyle and in 2012 I got on the podium for the first time. An incredible feeling. In 2013 I became Vice World Champion. Besides freestyle I also love wave sailing, and the feeling you get from doing a slalom competition is great - so much adrenalin! This year I really got in to Stand Up Paddle as well- I guess I love every board sport in the ocean.

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Move you’re most proud of:

Shaka both sides

Worst wipeout:

A ponch crash the day before the PWA freestyle where I landed on my board with my foot and torn all the ligaments in my ankle

What my friends say about me:

Loyal and positive

Number one on your bucket list:

Go to Maui! I have never been and I think it’s a place every windsurfer should have been..

Soundtrack of your life

All of me - John Legend
Go your own way - Fleetwood Mac
Angus & Julia Stone - Just a Boy

When I go partying…

...I can’t stop dancing!

For the perfect Windsurfing day there has to be…

...some wind, sunshine, being on the water with friends and family and afterwards watching a sunset on the beach with some drinks and food.

If you could be an animal, what would it be?

A dolphin!

If you could have only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A bowl of Acai


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Best results

  • 2018

    4th PWA World Cup Freestyle Overall
    PWA World Cup Freestyle Fuerteventura
    PWA World Cup Freestyle Viana
    3rd EFPT DAM X Freestyle

    8th PWA World CUP Wave Overall
    PWA World Cup Wave Marocco

  • 2017

    4th PWA Overall

    3rd EFPT Overall

    4th PWA World Cup Fuerteventura

  • 2016

    1st AWT Freestyle Tour

    1st US National Slalom Tour

    2nd EFPT Tour

    4th PWA Freestyle Tour

    10th PWA Wave Tour


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