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20. Nov 2017



Once more TWS Windsurf Solution Tenerife stocked up its center with all the 2018 high end Slalom boards from Fanatic plus matching sails from NorthSails!

Over the last three years the TWS Pro Slalom Training has showed its strength in being one of the best winter trainings around. A lot of PWA- and IFCA riders who joined the trainings have improved their level which resulted in higher year rankings. For the 2018 winter we are organizing the trainings again and we have made it even better and more versatile.

The 2018 season will start on the 2nd of January and ends on the 9th of April. This year we are bringing the trainings to the next level by offering you the best training facilities available. We will conduct 4 training days per week and create several groups so everybody can race against challenging competitors. This year we will expand our trainings with flat water days, foil race trainings and we might end the trainings in April with the IFCA European Championships Slalom!

El Medano offers choppy conditions, flat-water, nice wave conditions with strong and sometimes gusty winds. This combined with the nice and relaxed atmosphere in town, many restaurants and bars and our fully equipped windsurf center we are proud to offer you the most complete training package available.

During film shoots for promotional reasons we discovered a really nice flat water spot up north at the new industrial harbor. We will add this nice place to our training grounds and go there several times when conditions are suited. Transport will be provided.

Over the last two years foil-racing has become more popular and it already became a new discipline on the PWA Tour. We will conduct the foil race trainings on the less windy days so we are always able to do 4 training sessions per week.

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