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14. Okt 2014

TWS Slalom Stages powered by Fanatic

TWS Slalom Stages powered by Fanatic

Windsurf Solution Tenerife (TWS) has developed something unique and accessible for everybody: the TWS Slalom Stages powered by Fanatic and NorthSails. Have a blast with our latest Slalom gear from 12 knots onwards and enjoy the ride with a group of friends, team mates or just by yourself!

Visit the Tenerife Windsurfing Solution (TWS) center on Tenerife, where temperatures don´t drop below 20 ° in wintertime. The  Slalom Stages they are organizing are a complete new concept for all dedicated windsurfers with a need for speed as well as Slalom fanatics.

Harco-Jan Folkerts, owner and driving force behind TWS explains: “You can fly with nothing more than your hand luggage on a lowcost flight, and then four hours later being on the water blasting in just your Shorty together with your buddies around the bouys. Come to TWS Tenerife and book our Slalom Stages! We offer the very best equipment (Freeride, Freestyle & Wave). Starting from end of October we offer eight complete sets of 2015 Fanatic/NorthSails kits ready to use! Windsurfing at its best with your buddies, partner, or just by yourself blasting for a week or more.“

Check it out and enjoy:



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