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09. Sep 2015

TWS Slalom Stages with Fanatic

TWS Slalom Stages with Fanatic

Temperatures in Europe are slowly dropping and the summer dream comes to an end, so a good time to check out the TWS Slalom Stages. On the sunny Canary Island temperatures do not drop below 20° in wintertime. Besides the famous Wave image El Medano has grown as a super Slalom spot over the last years. The Winter Slalom Stages, organized by TWS, creates a complete new concept for windsurfing addicts.

Harco-Jan Folkerts, owner and driving force behind TWS explains: „Would it not be great if you could fly with nothing more than your hand luggage on a low-cost flight, and four hours later you are blasting over the water, in shorty with your buddies? Well, you can in Tenerife! We already offered the very best equipment in Freeride, Freestyle and Wave gear. Now, starting from the end of October we offer eight complete sets of 2016  NorthSails/Fanatic Slalom kits. Ready to race, rigged with the best Carbon Platinum masts, NorthSails Platinum race booms and Z-fins. We offer windsurfing at its best without the hassle and struggle of travelling with your own kit“

If you want to work on your technique you can also join the TWS clinics for gybing, tuning and trimming, given by PWA-riders like Fanatic´s Matteo Iachino or Marco Lang. TWS wants to keep the entry level for Winter Slalom Stages accessible and affordable. „Attending the clinics is completely free of choice and is tailored to your specific needs. It is your windsurf holiday so it’s up to you if you want to go free sailing on the gear or participate in the clinics!“ says Harco. With a monthly average of 65% of days with more than 15 knots, your sailing hours are guaranteed. When the trade winds are too strong for Slalom sailing you can use one of the 90 Wave sets waiting for you.

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