With the celebration of our 40th anniversary, wecaught up with some of our Fanatic legends: First up is Nik Baker from the UK! Nik has been a leading force in windsurfing since many years and still loves it as much now as he did 38 years ago. He loves the diversity of our Fanatic watersports from windsurfing, SUP to Wing Foiling. Between all those sports, there’s barely a day he won´t be out on the water in one way or another.


Some facts about Nik:

Title: UK Agent for Fanatic Windsurf, SUP & Wing Foiling

Carreer/Relation to Fanatic: Fanatic was his 1st ever sponsor when he was 15. He spent 17 year riding with Fanatic.

With Fanatic since: 1986. A few gap years in between - 1997 and 2008.

Windsurfing since: 1983 Highlights: 6x Indoor World Champion, 1st Aloha Classic 1999 Favourite board: Mamba 78, Grip TE 86 and Sky Wing 5’

Favourite discipline: Wavesailing Besides windsurfing: Wing Foiling, Stand Up Paddling, Foiling


Enjoy watching the interview!