Behind The Brand

Eagle R&D

The Eagle is completely new to our 2023 freeride range! The goal behind it was to have a classic shape for very early passive planing.

This shape idea came from our Product Manager Daniel Aeberli who mainly did the R&D and testing process together with Jordy Vonk.


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Interview with Daniel Aeberli

Behind The Brand

Dani, we already have the Gecko and Blast in our freeride range – why now the Eagle on top?

There are lots of windsurfers out there who stop after their first basic lessons on the Viper because they never got planing and into the straps. We wanted a very simple comfortable shape to get people into planing as fast as possible in order to make sure they are staying with our amazing sport.


What´s the difference between the Eagle and the Blast and the Gecko?

The Eagle is made for passive planning, for sure the easiest and most comfortable board out of the three. The Gecko is for ambitious windsurfer, a more sporty to ride with a direct feel. The Blast is our performance freeride board. It offers blistering acceleration and a stable platform for speed and control over chop, it surely needs a bit more attention.


How do you describe the Eagle?

The secret of the Eagle shape is a longer water line which automatically lifts you into planing at the slightest gust. This stretched outline results in a more parallel rail outline in the center. Compared to a curvy outline (like the Gecko has) this ensures a more balanced behavior when getting into planing as it doesn’t to drift into the wind. So the Eagle is the fastest yet most effortless way to get into planing and get addicted to the best water sport there is.


Who do you recommend buying an Eagle?

The new Eagle is pure fun, easy to jibe and simply the perfect choice for intermediate windsurfers who used entry boards like the Viper or the Gecko Daggerboard before and are keen for the next step. Once you had your first planing and gybing experience, normally you are hooked forever!


Are the rails different to other freeride shapes?

The rails are thinner and the shape is longer with a more narrow outline, that´s the secret for easy jibing and super early passive planing. The Eagle guarantees 100% freeride performance in any conditions.




What sizes and technologies will be available?

We are offering the new Eagle in two constructions: A budget friendly and durable High Resistance Skin (HRS) which is perfect for schools and centers and the Premium LTD version. Available in two sizes of 130 and 150l - both are approved for foil use.


How about footrap settings?

The Eagle has multiple footstrap inserts for individual riding preferences and skills – easy and fast to adjust.


Who was involved and where did you test it?

I mainly tested the Eagle prototypes myself, but Jordy Vonk has helped me a lot, the two of  us  are a well-played team! We mainly tested at Lake Garda – in Torbole with lighter wind in the afternoon and Malcesine in rather strong morning wind. Between those you always find the perfect conditions for all the different sizes. For some of the sessions our Brand Manager Craig Gertenbach has joined us as well, but mostly only to approve the last prototype.


Did you also test boards from other brands?

Yes, it´s always important to test our protos against similar models from other brands. We also need to know what the other brands are doing in terms of development. The Eagle is definitely something new no other brand has so far: -)


Thxs Dani!


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