Stingray & Stingray LTD

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We are happy to present the brand new Stingray LTD - it closes the gap between Wind Foiling and Wing Foiling. Its compact shape is perfectly tuned for easy and fun wind foiling with a regular windsurf rig yet equipped with all the options and versatility to swap your sail with a wing – this board is up for everything!


If you think Wind Foiling is too difficult try the Stingray HRS! This dedicated free foilboard makes your take-off into the world of foiling as easy and accessible as possible. Designed to grow with your skills.





The Stingray LTD is our dedicated Wind Foiling board but we tuned the Stingray LTD so that it also works great for Wing Foiling. We caught up with Fanatic´s Product Manager Daniel Aeberli to find out more:


The new Stingray comes in two technologies, what´s the difference?

The shapes of the Stingray LTD 115 and 130 are more compact and get out of the water earlier and really effortless, targeted at slightly more experienced foilers or ambitious foil beginners… A large deck pad covers the entire stance area providing a safe stance through all manoeuvres. The soft, full pad is also perfect for Wing Foiling as you are on your knees when starting, whilst the foiling optimized outline makes sure this board works for both Wind- and Wing Foiling. 


The Stingray HRS 125 and 140 have an incredibly forgiving and fun character making your take-off as easy and accessible as possible - the perfect option to get into the world of Wind Foiling.

So it seems that the Stingray LTD is the perfect option for getting into both Wind and Wing Foiling – what was the idea behind it?

Indeed. There´s lots of windsurfers who are keen to enter this new popular sport of wing foiling, but aren’t  sure about buying a fully dedicated wing board. We wanted to give them the option to have fun in both segments. Next to the large deck pad there are multiple strap options for all preferences for windsurf foiling and winging. 


Sounds like a really interesting product! 

Yes, I´m sure it will be interesting for lots of newcomers and intermediate foil enthusiastastsespecially the Stingray LTD I am quite proud ofVersatility and performance are built in: both Track Foil Mount and Tuttle Foil Box mounting options give you room to play with all types of foils – while the extra long mast track caters for all sail types and sizes. 


Great! Thanks for the info Dani!