Out Now:

Wave / Freestyle Range 2020

Our brand new 2020 Wave/Freestyle Collection is now online!

We are very proud of our world-title winning waveboard the Grip TE. It will blow you away with its outstanding increase in manoeuvrability. Victor and the rest of the team achieved the dream board – super loose, but still quick to plane, fast and controllable.

The Stubby TE is a wave catching machine and, the trickier the conditions get, the more the Stubby will excel. Snappy turns, efficient speed and flow boost your session, when others are (still)slogging around trying to get going. No board feels more rewarding to sail, or will flatter your style and technique so well.

Thanks to a further evolution and refinement of the efficient Stubby concept, our legendary FreeWave has also gained a huge boost in looseness. The new outline makes its turning ability so good; it rivals many ‘pure’ waveboards!  Speed, control and planing power are also improved; this is a board that can take all conditions in its stride.

For two of the most demanding and explosive sailors on tour – World Champion Gollito Estredo and Vice World Champion, Adrien Bosson, the Skate TE is ready to transform their thoughts into the next dizzying rotation or combination.Available in four sizes from 85 to 108 litres, the Skate TE will deliver everything you need to quickly take you from your very first moves, to beyond your imagination - ready to challenge the Champions!


More info: https://www.fanatic.com/product_categories/windsurfing-boards