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You are part of the Fanatic International Wing Foiling Team - how does that feel?

I am stoked! I am very new to wing foiling and I have been loving it so far. Thank you FANATIC for believing in me and my future.

You have stepped into Wing Foiling only a short time  ago, your process was really fast! Did that all come naturally?

I have started in Union Island at JTPro center. My friend Jeremie Tronet taught me how to wing foil. We were using a SUP foil and a 4m Echo. I was traveling a lot in summer with kiteboarding and got my own wing foil gear in autumn. I took it to Brazil and than I was hooked! I went more North, where the wind was super strong - Prea and Jeri and enjoyed few days mostly wing foiling. I started to get more confident, started jumping, riding waves. 

What prompted you to start Wing Foiling? 

I wanted to learn for quite some time already but never had the opportunity. When it came, I took it. I love Wing Foiling, I love the feeling of gliding over the water. It is so peaceful, yet so much fun. I enjoy foiling alone, but the best is with friends. We share the same stoke, motivate each other and try new things. As the sport is still quite new there is plenty of room to improve and that’s what I think is so motivating. Every day I learn something new and the most important part is that I am enjoying it so much. Every session ends with a big smile on my face. 

You are a top-level Kiteboarder, how does Wing Foiling compare? 

I don’t compare it. It is just another sport in my pocket and another full boardbag and gear that I have to travel with. The conditions are different every day. I go kitesurfing when its good, I go wing foiling when its good. Or I just do what I feel like. 

What´s your favorite board/foil setup?

My favorite board is 4’8’ Fanatic Sky Wing. It was 55 l. I kind of learned on it in Brazil. It wasn’t the easiest. I would reccomened a bigger board to start with. Now I love it. It is just perfect for me. There are even smaller boards coming next season, so I can’t wait for that! 

What are your plans/goals for the upcoming season?

It is very difficult to know what my plans are, in this world which we can’ t really plan much ahead. Maybe I will start to compete in WingFoiling as well! I am still gonna compete in kiteboarding of course :) and I am consistently doing media projects. In this crazy world we live in I am always trying to be in place where I can do all these sports. 

Which moves are you working on right now?

I work on a lot of tricks. Currently I am learning a 360. We are in Fuerteventura and there are lot of waves. So when its a good day I prefer go ride waves with the wing and improve my wave riding too. Because I love it! 

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