Fanatic SUP Apparel


Explore our Fanatic Promo Collection: a dynamic range of apparel designed for the new era. Choose from our stylish T-Shirts, Hoodies, Beanies and Caps, available for both men and women

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Hoody Fanatic women - 104 rose-clay

Hoody Fanatic women

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Tee SS Fanatic women - 100 white

Tee SS Fanatic women

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Sweater Fanatic unisex - 244 dyed-lava-grey

Sweater Fanatic unisex

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Beanie - 205 grey


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Cap F Curved Visor - 242 graphite-grey

Cap F Curved Visor

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Cap Camper Fanatic - 061 purple

Cap Camper Fanatic

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Windbreaker unisex - 205 metal-grey

Windbreaker unisex

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Hoody Zipped Fanatic unisex - 708 navy-blue

Hoody Zipped Fanatic unisex

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Cap Camper Rat - multi colour

Cap Camper Rat

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Hoodie Zipped Fanatic unisex - dark heather grey

Hoodie Zipped Fanatic unisex

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Sweater Addicted Unisex - grey

Sweater Addicted Unisex

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Cap Net Fanatic - 241 dark-grey

Cap Net Fanatic

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