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24. May 2014

Fanatic Windsurf Camps – New Dates!

Fanatic Windsurf Camps – New Dates!

After another great Wave Special hosted by Tom Brendt & Yoli de Brendt in Moulay, Morocco with just amazing conditions and great people there’s more dates coming up! Next will be Lanzarote as well as another week in Moulay!

Between April 26th and May 1st Windsurfers from Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Australia were coming to Moulay to enhance their Wave skills. Amazing conditions and the freshly rebuilt Fanatic Boarderscenter Magic Fun Moulay, with more space, more gear, TV Room, etc. were waiting for the participants who spent one week training, riding, jumping and having lots of fun together. Starting with some big conditions, wave and windwise, crossing the impact zone became more and more comfortable and the waves could be selected for some first rides…It was an amazing week!

And there’s more of it! Next up is Lanzarote with the first two weeks already fully booked but there’s still some free places for the third week from June 21st – 26th! Also there will be an additional Wave Camp in Moulay from September 10th – 15th.

Make sure to book your place!

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