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20. Mar 2017

Fanatic Winter Tales – Alessio Stillrich

Fanatic Winter Tales – Alessio Stillrich

This week we would like to feature wave ripper Alessio Stillrich in our Fanatic Winter Tales series. Alessio is German but lives in Pozo/Gran Canaria where he can train every day in great wave conditions when the wind is blowing. He for sure is one of the most hardcore wave riders on the PWA tour and his high jumps are just legendary – he was the first one landing a Klei in competition last year:-) Read more about what he is up to before the season starts again!

Fanatic: What are you up to this winter?
AS: I started 2017 with a 5 week trip to Cape Town where I sailed nearly every day. I learned a lot, gathered very good photo and video footage and had an amazing time. Now it´s windy at home in Gran Canaria so I am getting some hours on the water here before heading to Maui for some starboard tack training and the annual Fanatic photoshoot.

Fanatic: Which destinations will you be visiting?
AS: As already mentioned – Cape Town, Maui and maybe some of the other Canary islands if the forecast is good.

Fanatic: What are you goals?
AS: My goals are to get a top 10 result in every event and at the end of this season. To show a good and increasing level and to be happy with my performance in every heat I sail. Apart from the competition goals I also hope to enjoy every trip and session, to make my sponsors, family and friends happy and to learn a lot.

Fanatic: What keeps you motivated throughout the winter?
AS: Windsurfing is what keeps me motivated over the winter. I love to spend time on the water and to work on my moves, to make them look nicer and to land them dryer. I really like the feeling of landing new moves. In the end, all the stuff you train on during off season will help you a lot for the next competition season.

Fanatic: What is your main move(s) you want to improve over the winter?
AS: The last couple of days I started to try and land stalled forwards. Since years I was thinking I would never learn this move. I never felt comfortable in the air before going for it plus the scores you get in the competitions are not as good as the ones from other moves I can to do. However, now I finally found the key after some tryouts and realized it is not as difficult as I thought. Another move I would like to land safely until summer is the push loop forward.

Fanatic: What other sports do you do?
AS: Apart from windsurfing I like surfing and climbing.

Fanatic: Do these sports help your riding and translate into your sport Windsurf/SUP?
AS: Yes a lot! Surfing makes you read the waves better. You have to be in the right spot in every moment to not lose speed or to get closed out. Climbing makes you get a lot of strength in the hands, arms, shoulders and your back. This is also the most important and worked out body parts for windsurfing.

Fanatic: Can you tell us a bit about your fitness and nutrition programme?
AS: I don´t really follow a strict nutrition plan. Of course I try to eat healthy and a lot of variety every day, with 3 or 4 meals a day. My fitness programme resumes in stretching. It feels really good and relaxing when I am tired and also it helps to tweak the moves more and injure less. I tried to go to the gym but I did not feel as agile and flexible on the water after training so I prefer stretching.

Fanatic: Does it change over the winter?
AS: No usually it is the same over the year.

Fanatic: What gear are you riding?
AS: I ride the Fanatic Quad 75, 81, 90 and Stubby 77 & 88 boards combined with the NorthSails Hero.

Fanatic: How does your chosen gear suit your style?
AS: The boards and sails are working better and better every year. What I love about the Quad is that it is really radical in the waves but still has a lot of speed while planing. I really need the speed as I live and travel to a lot of destinations which are good for jumping. Also it allows me to make the bottom turn really close to the wave. This is quite important in all conditions that are not side off shore. The Stubby offers even more speed than the Quad. It starts planing out of nothing and that´s why I like to use the Stubby when the wind is lighter. The 4 batten Hero combines perfectly to the multi fin boards and feels incredible stable in your hands, this makes me feel really controlled in the strong wind conditions.

Fanatic: What would Fanatic customers like about your favourite board?
AS: They would like the planing ability and speed for sure. The boards are also easy to use and everybody would be able to ride good waves in flat or choppy waters.

Fanatic: Are you linking up with any of your Fanatic Team riders this winter?
AS: Yes, I hooked up with Adam, Victor, Klaas, Alice, Arthur, Max, Riccardo, Adrien, Marco and Arianne in Cape Town. Will see most of them again on Maui end of the month again.

Fanatic: What has been your highlight of 2016?
AS: I had a lot of highlights but if I have to choose one I would maybe pick being the first windsurfer in history to land a Klei in competition.
Thxs Alessio and enjoy the rest of your days at home!
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