20. June

Podium Time @ the GWA Wingfoil World Cup Silvaplana

24. May

Out Now: New Aero Free Wings

2. May

GWA Wingfoil World Cup Leucate - Nia & Paula on the Podium!

4. April

Out Now: New Aero Lift & Carve Wings

3. March

Out Now: New Gecko Foil

28. March

Out Now: New Foilstyler & Stingray

11. February

Team Foiling: Meet the Annecy Foil Team

18. January

Out Now: New Carbon Foil Range

18. January

Behind the Design: Carbon Foils

26. November

Slalom & Foiling R&D with Daniel Aeberli

25. November

Out Now: New Falcon Foil 2022

23. November

Out Now: Duotone Wing Academy

22. November

GWA Wingfoil World Cup Fortaleza - Paula & Wesley on the Podium!

16. November

Team Talk - Foil Position & Stance

11. November

Wing Foiling in Vienna with Stefan Spiessberger

3. November

Carro Wing Foil Classic - Tom Auber 1st & 2nd

2. November

Team Talk - Tuning Tips for Women/Kids

17. October

Team Talk - Foot Strap Options

5. October

Fanatic Bee wins Product Award & The Paddle Sports Show

4. October

Team Talk - The Right Gear to get into Wing Foiling

22. September

New Sky Wing Range 2022 & Bee 8'2"

3. September

Arthur Arutkin - French Waterman

20. August

New Promo Wear Styles

18. August

Wing Foiling Weeks @ Duotone Pro Center Tenerife

16. August

GWA Wing Foiling Race European Championship

3. August

Team Fanatic dominates at German Champs

6. July

Out Now: New AL 3.0 Masts & Fuselages!

18. June

Team Foil Wing - Meet Stefan Spiessberger

10. June

Team Foil Wing - Meet Christian Andersen

14. May

Team Foil Wing - Meet Henning Nockel

10. May

Out Now: New Stingray & Stingray LTD!

6. May

Bobo Gallagher - Hawaiian Waterman

22. April

Virtual Clean Beach Days 2021

29. March

Team Foil Wing - Meet Olivia Jenkins

22. March

Out Now: Sky Wing Inflatable Wing Foiling Board!

8. March

Happy International Women´s Day!

5. March

Arthur Arutkin - The Quiet Strength

4. March

Team Wing Foiling - Meet Paula Novotna

1. February

Out Now: Gecko Foil/LTD

18. January

Out now: New Aero High Aspect Foil 2000

14. January

Clement Roseyro promoted to Team International

15. December

Wing Foiling Highlights

14. December

STEAMED by Annecy Foil Team

29. November

A Boy's Journey with Bobo Gallagher

2. October

Save our Playgrounds

7. September

Out Now: Fanatic Foiling 2021

7. August

Mountain Wing Foiling with Max Matissek & Stefan Spiessberger

10. August

Hawaiian Channel Crossing with Bobo Gallagher

16. July

Interview Henning Nockel & Klaas Voget about Wing Foiling

16. March

Out Now: Sky Wing, Aero Surf Foils & Flow Foil Parts

16. March

What to Choose - The right board & foil for Wing Foiling

16. March

Interview Sky Solbach & Klaas Voget – Sky Wing/Aero High Aspect

1. October

Fanatic Online Shop

25. July

Daniel Aeberli Interview - WS Foiling Programme

25. July

Sky Solbach Interview - Foiling

5. April

Out Now: Flow Windsurf Foil Range